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Sunday, August 28, 2016

I Am No Angel -Snippet Sunday

It's Snippet Sunday, a Weekend Writing Warriors'  blog hop!

 Man, oh man, I've been pounding keys like crazy, but I'm running behind on this work in progress! Sons of Herne 7,  Anduron: God of Mabon, was originally due out at the end of the month, but to do it proper justice, I'm looking at hopefully mid-September. In any case, here's the next snippet!

Last time, Anduron, god of the pagan thanksgiving, saved an old woman from being mugged. After the thugs ran off, we ended with: She gazed up at him with an innocent, childlike wonder that took many decades off her wrinkled, leathery features. “Are you my guardian angel?” she asked.

We pick up with his reply...

“I am no angel,” Anduron said, crouching down to peer at the angry mark on the old woman’s cheek. “Although I have a half brother who is.”
He reached out gently, using his powers to infuse her injury with healing light. He might not be an angel, but there were times when his elven heritage proved useful.
“I don’t know how to thank you,” she said, reaching toward his face with a gnarled hand. “I could see you better if I had my glasses, but they fell off when those awful men grabbed me.”
He helped her stand and looked around the alley, finding her glasses and doing his best to wipe them clean on his cloak before returning them.
“Shall I transport you to your home?” he asked, wondering whether the veil pendant would cooperate if he attempted it.
“I’m still a little shaken, so I would be grateful if you would walk with me.”

He swooped her up and carried her, the woman clinging to his neck with her glasses perched on her nose, regarding him closely. 

What do you think?  

About Anduron: God of Mabon:

The Fates have been bringing all the sabbat gods to their knees over carnal desires, including Anduron's own twin brother. He will not be so easily swayed, however. The god of Mabon needs only one thing from the Fates: the power to free one who is unjustly imprisoned, an act bestowed upon him once per year in honor of his sabbat. Then he encounters an old woman in need of rescuing, an act that, outside of the ritual of Mabon, is technically forbidden.

Jenna is worried sick when her overdue grandmother shows up with a handsome stranger on her arm and tales of how sexy Anduron saved her from a mugging. Jenna is grateful, quite possibly to the point of swooning, until he disappears right in front of her eyes. He returns to say he is the god of the pagan thanksgiving--and that he wants her for a ritual where she will sleep with him out of gratitude for her grandmother's rescue. The sheer nerve leaves her burning, but those eyes and that hard body leaves her curious. She proposes an alternative: he spends the week wooing her like a mortal man, and if he succeeds, she will grant her consent for the Mabon ritual.

Anduron has little experience with courting a woman, let alone one as infuriating as Jenna. She rejects all his overtures until she finally confesses what she wants most: a freedom raid on an animal testing facility that will cost him more than he bargained for. He will have to risk capture to keep her out of danger. With no guarantee she will agree to his terms, just how many immortal laws will he break by involving himself in the affairs of humans?

Read Book 1 of the series, Dominus: God of Yule--and follow the link inside to get Book 2 free!
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