Monday, January 15, 2018

Puppy Meme and Editing Kung Fu

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On a Monday of the month, I gab about what's going on with me, my writing, and life in general.

Happy 2018! I dove into the new year with full-speed-ahead purpose for my writing, finances, and household organization. A tall order, to be true!

Puppy Meme

So Tina the wonder pup won't sit still for photos, and we get some rather crazy snapshots as a result. This one's the latest, which aside from the "constant motion" blurriness just begs to be a meme. What's a good caption?

Editing Kung Fu!

I'm kicking some editing booty this month!
My editing Kung Fu is strong! For NaNoWriMo 2017, I finished the draft of Kiss of the Dragon, book 1 of a new dragon shifter series. After taking December off to let the manuscript sit and think about what it had done, I'm hard at work this month editing and revising. A cover reveal and release news will be coming soon, hopefully next month.

Until next time...

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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

NaNo2017 Day 28: It Is Finished

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I've interrupted my normal blog schedule to bring you daily updates from November's National Novel Writing Challenge

Daily Notes: This is it, my final NaNo post for 2017. With two days left in the month, I completed the first draft of Kiss of the Dragon. A little swell of emotion, maybe even a tear or two, is common when I type THE END on a manuscript. Today was no exception. 

It's been a fun ride, creating a world of dragons, fire, romance, and villains. And now I must set it aside briefly to let the tale "rest" before tackling edits. ::sniff:: I can't wait to share this story with you all, and I'll have a cover reveal before too long. And now, to go collapse and celebrate until it's time to head to the day job!

Daily Total: 3310 words

Favorite Line Written Today: 

Her stomach turned completely over, and he pulled back just enough for her to see the red glimmer flame in his eyes. He kissed her right in front of the others, teasing her with a soft, but insistent exploration by his tongue that weakened her knees.

Daily Progress:

About this year's NaNo, Kiss of the Dragon:

A firefighter breaks all the rules to rescue a beautiful woman from a fire--and that's just the start of his new and bizarre behavior. Saving his mate has triggered a power he never knew existed, one that could burn down his career and scare away the object of his newly ignited passion. Keeping his condition secret is the best way to preserve both, but how long can he hide the massive, fiery dragon lurking within?

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