Thursday, October 28, 2010

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Halloweek--Today's Challenge!

As part of my Halloweek Spooktacular Giveaway, participants are supposed to post thoughts on today's topic. If you stopped by here today and didn't know about the contest, check it out HERE and then post in the comments for a treat and chance to win a little candy/treat bag or one of my releases!

Today's Halloweek Challenge Topic:

Whiich of the following is MOST likely to pique your interest in a hot new read?

1. A sizzling, sexy cover
2. A promo blurb I saw on Facebook or a Yahoo Group
3. A recommendation from a review site
4. Reading a graphic, blistering hot excerpt
5. A romantic excerpt--I'm not much for diving right into the triple-x-rated stuff
6. Seeing other free reads by the same author

Post your answer below--and if it's None of the Above, feel free to fill in your own thoughts. Everyone who responds before Friday, October 29 at 10 am will be contacted with today's treat--a sexy free read by Yours Truly--and will be entered in a BONUS drawing for a candy/treat bag along with an entry in my end-of-week drawing for a choice of one of my releases in PDF.

(Having trouble posting to the comments? Email your thoughts to me at


  1. I like to read the excerpt to decide, kind of get me a taste for the author and the story.

  2. I like reading the excerpt, blurb whatever is shown. This is why I enjoy the blogs highlighting different authors, to find the new books, authors, excerpts, etc.

  3. Thanks to all who commented (and that includes those who had to Email their comments to me personally)! I appreciate the insight.

    NOW for today's special mini contest winner....JENNIFER MATHIS! Jennifer wins a little treat bag of candy and goodies. Congrats, and keep playing everyone for more chances to win!


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