Thursday, February 17, 2011

# Books # Immortal Paradise series


Book 4 (and the last for a while) of the IMMORTAL PARADISE series releases today!

Book 4 of the Immortal Paradise series
Erotic/(urban) Fantasy/M/F, M/F, M/M/F
Light Bondage/exhibition

Lexie knows it's crazy to fly to the Bahamas in search of the mystery lover who has been heating up her dreams, but she can’t shake the nagging feeling that he exists.

Grayel is a god ready to claim the woman who awaits him in the earth realm, but he cannot touch a mortal without causing their death. Though his father is convinced his choice of mate will throw the entire realm into chaos, Grayel enlists demigods Love and Lust to aid in a sexual ritual that will transform Lexie into a goddess.

Plots in the twelfth realm and the demigods' mounting attraction for Lexie threatens the union's sucess. Will she become a goddess in the culmination of an explosive ménage? Or is she destined to lose her dream lover forever?

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