Monday, September 1, 2014

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Cars, Minecraft, and Writing-In That Order

In my last update post, I mentioned I was ready to redo my Organized Writer schedule because I'd finished planning out Bri's homeschool coursework. HA! I say with a hearty laugh. I should know by now, my best-laid plans are only a very rough first draft. It takes sitting down to actually use my homeschool schedule to trial and error our way to something we can live with. August was largely dedicated to finding the right workflow, and I'm happy to say that after hours of tweaking, I think we've got it!  Yes! NOW I'm in much better shape to redo my Organized Writer schedule.


Cars, cars, and more cars! Car 1 went down in July. It had so many issues we decided not to fix it, so we were down to one car. Car 2 ran strong for all of a few weeks. Then one night on the way home, CLUNK-SCRAPE. The axle broke. Drove Car 3, a rental, while the mechanic dealt with the axle (and bought Car 1 from us in the bargain.)  Enter Car 4, the replacement for Car 1 that we will be picking up probably sometime this week. Let's hope that'll be it for car stuff for a while.

Still reading, but now that summer is over, I've slowed down. Just finished The Cell by Stephen King. In place of reading, my daughter got me into playing Minecraft with her. Minecraft is an awesome and addicting game, great for homeschoolers because of the STEM principles involved. And yeah, I needed one more thing to add to my schedule and time it so it doesn't interfere with writing. Heh.


Even though I had to delay redoing writing schedule, I'm officially back on the writing clock. I've been hard at work adding scenes, dialogue, and details to Lone Wolves 7, AKA Disarming Cowboys


The True Blood finale was a lot like my natural hair color: meh but made much better with some interesting highlights. Eric rocking out in the car was awesome! Defiance finale: better than TB, and I'm glad the whole weird Irisa possession story line is over.

Anyone else watching The Lottery? Interesting premise--the world is in a population crisis since no babies have been born in 6 years. Scientists manage to fertilize 100 eggs, and the government hosts a lottery to decide who gets to be surrogates for the lot. I'm curious to see where they go with it.

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