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Passion Planner-Why You Should Have One

Anyone who's followed my blog for a while can probably attest to the fact that I like schedules. Calendars, too. And then there are the planners. I can tell you that I love buying planners. I like to have them and look at them, imagining how organized I'll be when I get around to using them. But for some reason, I don't. They sit around empty or nearly so until the year is out and it's time to buy a new one. I confess I almost did that again this year, but luckily, I gave my latest find a go. This has proven to be such an invaluable tool that I had to share it with you.

Passion Planner is  my current planner--ironic for someone with a blog titled The Power of Passion. I'm using this thing like gangbusters, and not because of the catchy name. This is no mere calendar with daily to-do lists--although these things are included. This is a combination mind map, life coach, inspirational speaker, and organizer rolled into one. 

Passion Planning for Life

A Passion Planner not only allows one to keep track of normal day-to-day routine, but it helps you identify, explore, and achieve your life's passions and goals. You are guided through a short mind map exercise to identify things you'd like to see happen over the next few months, year, and farther out. Then these goals are chunked down into easily managed bits--and game-changers are thrown in to help you rocket forward each month. Inspiring quotes, room to write in great things that happened during each week, monthly questionnaires to let you examine how things are going, and plenty of room for notes, dreams, and doodles elevates this planner above any I've ever used. (Or, as admitted above, owned without using.)

an image from the Passion Planner website

Passion Planning for Writers
This Passion Planner is ideal for helping achieve writing goals. Use the mind map to draw out a general picture of what you want for your career, deadlines for finishing scenes/books/etc., and break down the timeline so you can keep deadlines on your projects. Since there's plenty of room, you can also juggle in your daily appointments and tasks as well, so there's no need for multiple calendars. 

Where to Get a Passion Planner
I found out about Passion Planner from a Kickstarter campaign a while back. Now the site is selling nicely bound planners in two sizes and a few different styles. If you can't swing the money right now, you can still have one! You can download the pages for FREE right from their website. Print them off, stick in your own binder, and you're good to go. 

Here's the website link. Happy planning! 
Passion Planner:

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