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Reflections of Danger -Snippet Sunday

It's Snippet Sunday, a Weekend Writing Warriors'  blog hop!

I'm still posting from Book 4, Fire of Beltane. The series trailer is live and posted to the right.

Last time, Jorandil, god of Beltane, was taken to a room containing a mysterious crystal bowl. We ended with the Fates telling him that the bowl was the real reason he had come to them.

We pick up a couple sentences later...

“You can see many things in this looking glass,” Morta said. “For example.”
She floated closer, beckoning Jorandil forward, and with a hoarse whisper and a wave over the surface, the liquid began an agitated rippling and bubbling until he drew near.
The twisting in his stomach gave way to a brief flutter when he peered over the edge of the bowl to see not his own reflection, but that of someone else.
“Cadence,” he said.
She sat at a table, her blue eyes sparkling from some unseen light source, her pouty red lips pursed into an enticing bow. His stomach began a slow burn.
“I did not come here in order to see her again,” he said, though the fine edge of a rasp scraped along the words.
Morta gave a rather indelicate snort.
“Not even when your actions have placed your lover in grave danger?” Nona asked.

What do you think?  

About Fire of Beltane:
It is the time of Beltane, and Jorandil, son of Herne, secretly wishes his presence could be known and his touch by the woman chosen as his sabbat partner. Then Cadence comes along, aware of her angel's visit, mesmerized by the beauty of his wings and the power of his touch. Sealing the veil between worlds divides them, but neither can forget the other. And when their pursuit of answers reveals that dire trouble awaits Cadence, a trouble Jorandil was responsible for creating, he must defy his father and risk unleashing an even greater danger to save her.

About The Sons of Herne:

The god Herne has appointed eight of his most virile, headstrong sons as keepers of the pagan holidays. To honor their sabbat, each must join with a mortal female in a ritual to maintain the balance between worlds.

It is the year of The Thousand Seasons, and the Fates have secretly conspired to mark the end of an era by granting the gods one thing they lack--a true union of male and female that will last beyond the passion of a sabbat joining.

Herne’s sons will wrestle with the conflict between sacred duty and their own yearnings, a struggle will not only challenge their beliefs, but may threaten the success of rituals that must be observed lest the mortal and immortal worlds collide in chaos.

Read Book 1 of the series, Season of Light, now available on Amazon!

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  1. He's not being given any chance at all to stay out of trouble is he? As it should be. :-)

    1. Heh heh, that wouldn't be much fun, now would it? :)

  2. Funny comment, Christina. He's in fr more trouble. Love the writing and Oh what imagination, Rose.

  3. Why grave danger? And how? There are questions I need answering here. Great snippet

    1. Yes! Always love stirring up trouble...and questions. :)

  4. Uh-oh! I don't think he expected any of that. Nice snippet! :)

  5. I think uh oh and he's in a lot of trouble and I can't wait to find out what next! I'm really enjoying these Fates - great snippet.

  6. Congratulations on today's release, Rose!

  7. Danger? Whoops! I bet that will get his attention!

  8. Oooooh, that last line! And now his world is topsy-turvy. :-) Great snippet, Rose!

    1. Thank you! Yep, that last line might well tip him over the edge, ha.

  9. So much for acting cool and calm. Nice build up, Rose. I am looking forward to reading what devious torment is ahead for these two.

    1. They definitely have some interesting times ahead!

  10. I wonder what the vision means. Does it show actual real time events, foretell the future, or what?


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