Monday, August 1, 2016

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Back to School, Back to Work, Back to Business

On the first Monday of each month I gab about what's going on with me, my writing, and life in general.

Happy August! This is a month when life traditionally shifts gears for me, and this year is no different.

Back to School

Back to school is a busy time at my house! Many of you are aware that I home school my youngest (the rest are grown), so I spent the last week of my vacation setting up the new school laptop, going through last year's records, and sifting through curriculum to see where we're at with start of year learning goals.  Is it silly that I actually have fun stocking our school zone with fresh notebooks, dry erase markers, and sharpened pencils? And of course, my obsession with curricula is much like my obsession for books...I've got way more than I'll ever use, but I  keep adding more.

Back to school traditions of shopping, preparation, and planning always gets me in the mood to start fresh with my own organization and goals.  So I set aside some time during "teacher prep week" to take a look at my writing and "life" schedules to see where I could adjust and streamline.

Back to Work

 Summer vacation is over, insert heavy sigh, and as I write this post I'm preparing to return to my "day job" in a few hours. The writing retreat was so fun, and I was able to finish up Sons of Herne 6 while I was away--and in the nick of time for its July 29 release! Now that I'll be back on the swing shift (and schooling my daughter in the mornings), I'll miss being able to write whenever the mood strikes. It's a rigorous schedule for me, but one I'm hoping will let me get all my upcoming projects written on time.
I definitely miss settings like this...fresh air inspires writing!

It was HOT out, but we couldn't resist snuggling under matching blankets at the cabin!

Back to business-and another free  book offer!

My Chillin' in Summer Tour is over (and congrats to my giveaway winners!), so now it's back to business as usual. As promo for Dominus: God of Yule was wrapping up, Book 6, Feillor: God of Lammas was released. I'm offering digital copies FREE in exchange for an (honest) review! 

If you'd like a copy of Feillor: God of Lammas, click THIS LINK to sign up and I'll send you your choice of PDF, MOBI, or EPUB formats. 

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J. Rose Allister is the author of more than twenty-five books, primarily romance and erotic romance. A former editor and submissions director, she now works as a mild-mannered hospital secretary by day, naughty writer by night.

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