Friday, September 2, 2016

# Freebie Friday # Post

Get Your Instafreebie! Freebie Friday

Welcome to Freebie Friday! On select Fridays, I'll be offering something free, generally a book. (But not necessarily.) The books will either be one of mine or some other erotic romance that is free at the time of my post.

Recently I started experimenting with Instafreebie, a helpful service that lets writers offer free copies of their books. To "test" it out, I'm offering a free digital copy of my most recent Sons of Herne title, Feillor: God of Lammas! If all goes well, I'll be using Instafreebie quite a bit, including to deliver thank-you's and special offers to my exclusive mailing list community. (Not a part yet? CLICK HERE and you'll also get book 2, Eradimus: God of Imbolc free as a special thank you!)  And hey, I'll add a shameless plea right here...if you enjoy this freebie, could you please take a moment and drop a review? 

Here's more about this month's freebie:

Trapped in the last place he ever wanted to be...he will find the only thing he ever wanted.

Feillor is reaping the first harvest when a woman appears out of nowhere right in front of his scythe. She is naked and stunningly beautiful, but she is a mortal. Salina is calling on Herne for help in saving the forest when she finds herself in a field with his son, who is unbelievably sexy but has no regard for humans. To get home, Feillor must accompany her and remain on earth for three days, during which time he will find himself embroiled in a struggle to protect the seductive witch from those who would either destroy her or try and win her for themselves.
Ready for your freebie?

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