Monday, May 1, 2017

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Movie Binges, Sticky Plots, and Puppy Power

On (usually) the first Monday of the month I gab about what's going on with me, my writing, and life in general.

Happy May! The past month has been about overhauling my schedule and feeling exhausted. Luckily, I did make some progress on projects I have in the works, plus I took some time off to have a bit of downtime R and R.

Movie Binges

Speaking of R and R, I caught up with some movies I'd been wanting to see. Partly this is because two of my prime April TV shows are starting late this year (Game of Thrones and Fear the Walking Dead). Harumph. So  Logan, Kong: Skull Island, Beauty & the Beast (2017), and the film version of The Girl on the Train were some of my recent binges. All of these were entertaining and worth a view. I did have a few mixed feelings about Beauty and the Beast. It was one of those things where I didn't want them to deviate too far from the animated version, but it was so close to it that I felt it was "copying" the original almost to extreme. It's a tough thing to pull off. That said, I greatly enjoyed the musical numbers, most of the performances, and the interpretations of characters like Lumiere and songs like Be Our Guest.

Sticky Plots

The good news is, I made some serious progress on the (sooper sekrit) exclusive bonus novella to my Sons of Herne series. Not so much on Almost the Bride, my Janell Michaels contemporary romance. I came screeching to a halt when I realized I was missing a key bit of motivation to advance the romance storyline. Sometimes, writing gets "stuck" like this, and I can't seem to get around it. I've tried scowling at the manuscript, sitting deep in thought, walking away for a while (hence the movie marathons), and even-gasp-bringing it up. I don't usually talk much about my works in progress, but I'm so puzzled over why the heroine is going to do The Thing she's about to do that I very nearly surveyed a group of coworkers the other day. I do believe the answer is...she's not actually going to do The Thing, at least not at first. Hm. Still plugging along at this.

Puppy Power

Saying hello to her new toy
News of our latest addition to the family, Tina the wonder dog, was met with an outpouring of email from readers offering well wishes and much-needed puppy care tips. I was put under strict orders to offer up more photos and updates about her, so here's a cute one we snapped of her. She is just so CUTE! ...and I'm still wiped out from all that energy. If only I could harness it! She is still in the process of being housebroken, leash trained, and all that jazz, but I'm pleased to report we're making progress. She also eats better than I do. Heh.

Until next time...

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J. Rose Allister is the author of more than twenty-five books, primarily romance and erotic romance. A former editor and submissions director, she now works as a mild-mannered hospital secretary by day, naughty writer by night.

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