Wednesday, July 19, 2017

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Trailer: Sons of Herne Series Preview for 2017

I've updated the original trailer for the Sons of Herne series to include peeks at the hot pagan gods and the edited titles/book covers. Enjoy!

About the Sons of Herne series:

8 gods rule the pagan sabbats. But they will be ruled by love.

The god Herne has appointed eight of his most virile, headstrong sons as keepers of the pagan holidays. To honor their sabbat, each must join with a mortal female in a ritual to maintain balance between worlds. 

The Fates have secretly conspired to grant the gods one thing they lack--love. They will each experience a true union of male and female that will last long beyond the passion of a sabbat joining.

Herne's sons will wrestle with the conflict between sacred duty and their own yearnings, a struggle that will not only challenge their beliefs, but may threaten the success of rituals that must be observed to keep the mortal and immortal worlds from falling into chaos.

The Books:

Dominus: God of Yule
Eradimus: God of Imbolc
Tallisun: God of Ostara
Jorandil: God of Beltane
Devinmar: God of Litha
Feillor: God of Lammas
Anduron: God of Mabon
Archipellus: God of Samhain

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