Monday, December 20, 2010

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Chatting with Sexy Cover Model Jason Aaron Baca!

As promised on my last Feast Your Eyes Friday post, I've got a special treat for you interview with cover hunk Jason Aaron Baca!

JRA: Thank you for agreeing to this interview! Let me start out by asking the obvious question. You were busy playing college-level baseball when you got “discovered” for modeling. How exactly did that happen? Were you sliding into third and a photographer spotted you?

JAB: Haha... very good question! Actually, when my baseball career ended there was a gap there where I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I went through quite a few months just working as a stock clerk at a woman’s clothing store. I had done a photo shoot one day because a lot of people thought I could be a model so I went along with it. I had my headshot mass produced and sent to all the casting agencies in California. Before long I was called in to be a double in Bodega Bay,CA for the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer (Freddie Prinze Jr.’s double.)

The photographer of the movie pulled me aside and used me to take some shots. They ended up looking great. That’s how I was discovered.

JRA: Had you ever considered modeling or acting as a career before this? If not, what had your plans been?

JAB: No, my goal in life was baseball. That was it, I had it all planned out in my head.

JRA: You have shot for a romance cover, and have been part of Playgirl shoots. What are those gigs like in comparison to a typical photo spread? Do you have to work at overcoming the “skin” factor in this career, or were you naturally outgoing enough to bare what a photographer deems necessary to capture the proper artistic mood?

JAB: Well the romance cover stuff is pretty much the same pose over and over again. Maybe tilt the head a little more to the right or left sometimes but that’s pretty much it. The PG shoots were different because of a number of factors. They did a variety of different poses and wardrobe changes so that the images could be used for several issues and calendars.

Regular shoots take about 4 hours and its usually just you, the photographer and the makeup artist.

JRA: I’m sure all the ladies reading this are wondering…are you available?

JAB: Haha… No I’m not. I am happily married.

JRA: And a collective sigh is heard ‘round the world! So what does a typical day for you look like when you’ve got a shoot?

JAB: It is a low key day usually. I wake up around 9am. Stretch , take a shower, head to the tanning booth if they want me tan. Then go workout at the gym. I eat as little as possible so that my abs will show. After the shoot is done , I eat a nice meal.

JRA: What’s a typical day like in between gigs? Hobbies? Pets? Favorite TV shows?

JAB: A typical day is with my wife. We like to go hiking and to the movies together. We also enjoy the Wii fitness games to keep us busy when its raining outside. We are constantly competing with the game and it’s a lot of fun. We also spend time with our little cat “Monkey”.

JRA: Ah, you bring up a good point by mentioning hiking and Wii fitness. You’re in that awesomely great shape that models have to maintain in order to land those romance cover gigs! (Show of hands for all the rest of you out there who are fans of hot abs!) What kind of regimen do you use to keep so fit?

JAB: I do my abs every day! Some days I work my abs harder then others but I make sure to do something to them at least once in a 24 hour period. I also avoid eating food after 6pm. That is a big key.

JRA: (Exactly when much of my eating occurs, since I work swing shift and am a late-night writer. Ack.) Can you tell us the funniest or most memorable moment you’ve had during a shoot?

JAB: Sure, there was one where this photographer and I were searching for a spot out in a meadow with peach trees all over. We were looking for a good spot to have a few shots taken. Well, we found a spot in the meadow that had an old rusty truck with the windows gone. So I hopped up on it. Well just as I did, all these bees came flying out everywhere! It was a bee hive. We ran so fast we’d have both qualified for the Olympics! When we got back to the cars we laughed. He was laughing because of the bees, I was laughing because he screamed when he saw the bees.

JRA: Oh, man! I can just imagine the photos that would have come out of that scene—if the photographer hadn’t been running for his life, too! You aren’t just a model, but have also done some film and television work. Which came first, and what are your most and least favorite aspects of each?

JAB: Yes, I have done some acting and am still a SAG member (ed. note: Screen Actors Guild, for the uninitiated) and all but acting for me is tough. I don’t have that in me like I thought when I wanted to be an actor. Acting came first though and then after one really embarrassing audition I said NO. This just isn’t me. Modeling became the priority.

What I don’t like about acting is you have to act out your lines..haha. I’m not that kind of person. With modeling, I can make that expression and not have to say a word. I’ll let the viewer decide what I’m feeling inside.

JRA: Good point! Turn on the smolder and it definitely does turn on the imagination of those who view it! You also share a bit of what it feels like inside with a couple of books you’ve written on the subject of modeling (Journey of a Male Model and Overexposed: The Overexposed Model). Can you tell us a little about your inspiration for writing about the male modeling world, and perhaps share a brief favorite excerpt?

JAB: Sure, the first book, Journey of a Male Model (2004), was a book that basically was a bio of how I got into modeling and what I thought of all the photographers I’d worked with. The second book is actually a book that I wrote to try to help others become successful models. I figured when I went into a bookstore there weren’t any books for models to read. I wanted a book that could stimulate a model, help them kickstart their career. That’s why I wrote Overexposed (2007).

One of the highlights in this book is about being cool and what cool meant to me. I ask myself, “Is there anyone out there that I’m afraid of? Is there anyone if I walked into a big meeting and saw them I’d get nervous?” If I didn’t, I was cool! It meant that I was serious model potential.

JRA: You’re planning the end-all of romantic dates. What’s in store for that lucky special someone?

JAB: I don’t have any plans yet. When I reach my goal, we’ll see what comes next.

JRA: Spontaneity! I like it. Should any of your fans want to spontaneously check out the latest, where can they find you? Do you Twitter?

JAB: I can be reached through my management here-- Halverson Model Management. I don’t have a facebook or twitter but I’m thinking about starting something.

JRA: Thanks again for joining us here today! I will also mention here that your books are available on Amazon: Journey of a Male Model and Overexposed: The Overexposed Model

Best of luck with future modeling endeavors!

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  1. Hopping on over! Great interview. I think Jason needs to star in a baseball movie!

  2. What a great interview! It was nice to see how candid he was with you. Nice twist to the typical author interview.

  3. Yeah, Jason was a great sport and since he's a model and actor who has also written a couple books rather than vice versa, this was definitely different than doing your average author interview. Thanks for stopping by! (And Jennifer, I couldn't agree more!)


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