Friday, December 17, 2010

# Feast Your Eyes Friday # Hunks

Playgirl Model Next Week and a Special Feast Your Eyes Friday!

On Fridays I like to post pics that are a feast for the eyes and a spur to wild imagination!

This time, I'm not only posting a pic to jumpstart our imaginations, but a pic of the hunk I will be interviewing RIGHT HERE next week! Say helloo to abs, er, I mean model/actor Jason Aaron Baca, who was kind enough to indulge some of my mushy and, at times, personal questions. Find out how he keeps his hot shape, his most memorable moment during a shoot, and his thoughts on modeling for Playgirl next Monday, December 20!

Meanwhile, this shot of him on the sand just begs me to tell another tale about hot romance at the exotic Amante del Mar resort. I sense another trip to IMMORTAL PARADISE is in my future...soon!


  1. Oh this will be an interview I'd like to read! Thanks Jade!

  2. It's gonna be a fun one! I definitely encourage folks to stop by.


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