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Throwback Thursday with Jordan Ashley

My newest feature is Throwback Thursday, where I showcase the very first book or story ever written by some talented authors.  Today I'm happy to have Jordan Ashley, author of  Chivalry Isn't Dead. She's here to share a throwback to her very first book.

Throwback Thursday with Jordan Ashley

So my first work of fiction was way back in high school I was in my freshman year when I started writing it after reading L.J. Smith's Dark Visions trilogy.  It's gone under probably about 6 revisions and it my pride and joy. The first draft of it was very childish and I had one of my friends helping me think of plot twists and such.  Every bit of that part of the story is gone actually now.  I've had to change the hero's name three times because of break ups with boyfriends and leaving my ex-husband, and that character is getting a massive revamp. Erin is the lead female in the story, and she's spunky, strong, and very, very set in her ways. She's also the reborn queen of Atlantis set out to get revenge against the man responsible for sinking the continent. Her soul mate was reborn as well, but there are certain issues keeping them apart. 

Bear with me here, here's a bit of the first chapter of the book, completely unedited so it's kinda rough. 

“What's your ETA, Agent Welling?” A crackled, insistent voice came through the two-way phone attached to her hip on her belt.
Erin Welling grabbed the phone and hit the button to respond, holding onto the dash only a second before her partner, Cody Thorn, maneuvered their car into an unfamiliar pot hole. “Ten minutes, give me ten minutes!” She yelled into the microphone, and then replaced the phone onto its holster. “Think you could avoid the holes in the road?”
He shot her an annoyed look, and pressed the accelerator further into the floor. “You want to get there or lose the girl?”
She looked away from him, her eyes going distant as she tried to focus on something other than his driving. Images flooded through her mind as she pushed her consciousness ahead of them to the old decrepit house where she had seen the missing teenager being dumped. A thin male figure was moving into the home, something hidden under his jacket making it bulge slightly. “Cody, go faster.”
He knew better than to argue with her or ask questions. He didn't know about her ability, rather he thought she just had good intuition. Erin supposed others would believe that intuition was a proper definition, it’s what their commanding officer, Robert Morrison believed. She knew better, however.
“I'd be able to go faster if we weren't going through the ghetto of Toledo, where we could pick up over a million in drugs from every single person standing on these corners, not to mention-” he jerked his head to the side to indicate a female leaning against a lamp post as they sped by, “-prostitution.”
“We're not up here for that, and you know it. She's in danger, Cody. He's there.” She returned, panic welling up in her voice, making it shake. She braced herself against the dashboard harder, as she felt her throat closing up on her. She wanted to scream with her irritation that he just wasn’t getting how scared she was. Her partner's tendencies to over exaggerate was irritating as hell, but she wouldn't allow it to distract her from their target.
He nodded and returned his gaze to the road. “I can't go any faster. There are kids in this neighborhood.”
“If they don't hear the sirens, they should be locked up. Go faster,” she said, her heart starting to beat erratically as her adrenaline surged through her. Once the home came into view, she unbuckled her seat belt and all but jumped out of the car before Cody could throw the gear shift into park. Immediately she raced to the nearest of her strike team. “Movement?”
He moved toward the home with her, Cody and two others not far behind. “When we pulled up we saw the front door closing, waited for you to get here to make a move.” The tall agent spoke, keeping his green eyes on his commanding officer. He hovered his hand at his side where the concealed pistol was located, ready to draw it at a moment's notice.
Erin turned and pulled her pistol from the holster at her side taking off her professional tan jacket and tossing it to the muddy ground. “Cody, you and Dana take the back, Trevor and I will go in front.”
Cody nodded sharply, and then pushed the petite woman standing beside him toward the side of the house. Once his broad shoulders rounded she turned back to Trevor carefully climbing onto the steps leading up the porch.
Trevor sighed in exasperation, but followed closely behind her, his muscled frame protecting her back. “You need to tell Cody.”
“Neither the time nor the place,” she whispered before pounding her fist on the door. “FBI, we know you're inside, open up.” She waited only a matter of seconds before giving the signal to Trevor, who held his hand out. He reached around her, focusing on the lock until a click sounded in the silence.
Erin smirked up at him, the quip moving to her tongue before she could stop it. “Knew you’d come in handy.” She grinned up at him as he rolled his eyes, then started into the house. She held her gun in front of her as she entered, her consciousness checking ahead of corners, her bare arms brushing the walls trying to pick up on anything that might tell her where the un-sub or the teen was. Faint images flashed through her mind before she saw the thin figure again, crouching in the living room. She turned right, her gun held aloft in front of her. “Freeze!” She screamed as the figure started to turn toward them. “Put your hands where I can see them.”
As the male raised his hand, a crow bar dropped onto the floor. She felt Cody’s presence behind her then, moving up to stand beside her, the barrel of his gun moving into her periphery. “How the hell do you do that, Erin?” Her partner asked, moving around her to slap handcuffs on the man as he stood in slow motion.
Erin lowered her pistol and gave him a barely perceptible smirk. "Wouldn't you like to know?"

Chivalry Isn't Dead 
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One bachelorette party was enough to change Natasha Franklin’s perspective on chivalry. She was certain it was dead and buried. Meeting Adrian Roman and finding her kindred spirit within him was more than enough to make her rethink her view on men. One date with him, and she knew that she couldn’t let him go. The distance geographically made things difficult, but despite that, Natasha felt herself falling in love with Adrian.
Everything changed when Adrian got a phone call from Natasha that wasn’t really a phone call. He knew within seconds she had dialed on purpose, for him to save her. He finds her in her home, bloodied and bruised, and vows revenge on the bastard that dared to touch her. With his brothers backing him, he seeks out the asshole responsible. By defending her honor, he hopes to prove to Natasha once and for all that Chivalry Isn’t Dead.

 About the Author

Jordan Ashley lives in a tourist trap near the lake in Ohio where the winters are like a ghost town and colder than she cares for, and the summers are crowded and the traffic sucks.
A divorced mom of three children, cat owner to a spoiled rotten Mainecoon, and soul mate to a self proclaimed werewolf, she spends most of her time devoted to them. As a teenager before the ‘hellions’ were born she found these voices in her head that just wouldn’t quiet and so began her love for writing. She listened to every word and finished her first novel before she was eighteen. She didn’t embrace her ‘naughty’ side until her marriage began to get rocky and suddenly many other options existed for her writing.
She found comfort in these new worlds that opened up before her, and found an outlet in them during the harshest parts of the separation. Now that her dream of being published has been brought to reality she cannot wait to reveal all these crazy characters to the masses, hoping they will love them as much as she does.
Jordan’s passion is her writing, but she also enjoys getting lost in fantastic worlds on TV. Her favorites include Game of Thrones, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Once Upon a Time, and Supernatural. She is inspired by people in her life, and situations she or her friends find themselves in. She also has a secret (not so secret) addiction to Facebook and coffee – which she takes in 16oz mugs with inspirational quotes on them.
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