Friday, April 8, 2016

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Surprise Release! Jorandil: God of Beltane

Book 4 of the Sons of Herne series
April 2016

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A woman is in danger because she surrendered to his passion…

It is the time of Beltane, and Jorandil, half angel and god of the sabbat, knows that the fate of worlds rests on his wings alone. He must find a virgin for the ritual of Beltane, an act that will seal the dangerously thinning veil between realms. But he secretly longs for a woman who will feel his touch. And when he finds Cadence, she stirs something deep inside him—even before she responds with a passion he will never forget.

Cadence is so stressed out with college studies that she wonders whether she hallucinated giving her virginity to a dazzling, erotic angel. When she can’t put aside her feelings over the hot, but all-too-brief encounter, she decides to do something crazy to see Jorandil again. But she has no idea she’ll be putting her life in jeopardy to do it.

Jorandil learns his lover is in grave danger, but his father refuses him passage to the mortal realm. He must risk everything to make a deal with an old enemy, crossing the veil to save the woman he cannot deny he wants for far more than a sabbat fling.


He gathered her in his arms, pressing her to his chest just as she’d wanted him to do again since the moment they’d parted. The quivering increased, tears fell, and part of her felt as though she would come apart. She might fall to the floor too, collapsing under the weight of realization. She had narrowly escaped death, rescued by the man she had been seeking. Her guardian angel.
His warmth surrounded her, not just the considerable heat from his muscled body, but an energy that infused her being. Her tears dried, the shaking ceased, and she slid her hands around his back, pulling him closer. His power drove deep, stirring something in her belly, and just that fast, her thoughts shifted direction to something far more erotic and pleasant than the truth of what had just happened. She was aware of Stella still standing nearby, so she did not give in to the urge to slide her hands lower and lift her face to his.
Such an immediate reaction she had to him. Did he feel it too?
Spreading her hands around his taut muscles and squeezing him gave her an intriguing answer. His grip also tightened, and with no space between their bodies now, she felt a twitch from his cock that made it clear he had missed her too. Her hands roamed upward, seeking the spot where his wings had been. There were lumps there, but they were only shoulder blades. Nothing suggested that he was now, or ever had been, an angel, except for the power that radiated from him.
Tipping her head back let her gaze into his eyes, and he took advantage. He leaned close, slowly, and brushed her lips with his. A flood of emotion and longing crashed into her, and she swayed off-balance.
He released his hold and cleared his throat, taking a small, but significant step back. “I’m sorry.”
When she glanced up, there was a glimmer in his eyes that mirrored his regret. Sorry for what? Kissing her? Sleeping with her in the first place?
If they had been alone, she might have drummed up the courage to ask. She swallowed hard and folded her arms. A glance at Stella revealed yet another curious expression. There was an awe there that was unsurprising, all things considered, but a darker current flowed beneath. Concern. Or Fear.
“What’s wrong?” Cadence asked, thinking she was more prepared to hear an answer from the psychic than from the angel beside her.
Stella gave a slow shake of her head. “Something bad.”

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