Friday, July 1, 2016

# Freebie Friday # Post

Freebie Friday: New Site for Me, Free Book for You!

I've had something of a hole in my blogging schedule, as I had no regular feature for the last week of the month. (Except for Snippet Sunday, of course-my favorite!) Well, I'm fixing that right now. Welcome to Freebie Friday, where on the last Friday of each month I'll be offering something free, generally a book. (But not necessarily.) The books will either be one of mine or some other erotic romance that is free at the time of my post.
Today I'm kicking this off with my first freebie, which is also part of a favor. Freebie Fridays won't usually have a string attached, but this is a very special exception. 
I need your help!! In honor of my birthday month-slash-upcoming blog tour, I've launched a brand new "official" website. (This blog isn't going anywhere, though!) While the site is in beta, I could sure use some visitor feedback--and I'm giving away free books to get it! Take a moment to check out my new digs at, click on the front page link to take the quick feedback survey, and choose a book as a thank you. ANY book of mine that is currently in release qualifies. Browse the booklist here or on the website to choose the one you want.
This offer is good for one week only, so hurry and pop on over now! 

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