Friday, November 10, 2017

# NaNoWriMo # Post

NaNoWriMo 2017 Day 10: Rockin and Snorin

I've interrupted my normal blog schedule to bring you daily updates from November's National Novel Writing Challenge

Throughout November, I'll be checking in daily with some quick notes, a progress meter, and to share my favorite line written that day! 

Daily Notes: I had a low energy, kind of bleh day, the kind that makes me hope that I'm not coming down with something. But I still managed to get that word count rocked and crossed the 30k marker!It helped that I was at an exciting part of the story, so I put on some epic fantasy music and pounded out a scene about dragons. 

Daily Total: 4547 words

Favorite Line Written Today: 

The roar ended, and he shook his head and neck, feeling his scales ruffle deliciously all the way to the end of his swishing, arrowed-tipped tail. 

Daily Progress:

About this year's NaNo, Kiss of the Dragon:

A firefighter breaks all the rules to rescue a beautiful woman from a fire--and that's just the start of his new and bizarre behavior. Saving his mate has triggered a power he never knew existed, one that could burn down his career and scare away the object of his newly ignited passion. Keeping his condition secret is the best way to preserve both, but how long can he hide the massive, fiery dragon lurking within?

~ *~ * ~ * ~ *~ *~ * ~ *~ 

I'm J. Rose Allister, wife, working mom, and the author of over thirty books. Somewhere in between one and the next, I love hanging out here on my blog and Facebook. Give me a comment or follow-I love chatting with people!

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