Monday, April 20, 2015

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50 Days of Positivity

For those of you who missed my last Monday update post, I started another blog called Experimental Positivity.  EP is a one-year project to boost my positive outlook by completing little daily challenges. 

I began this project shortly before entering therapy to address some past traumas and recent family issues that had triggered a rather serious bout of depression and insomnia. The depression crippled my fiction writing, which is why I have not had a new release in a while. Not to mention the insomnia caused a catastrophic failure in my ability to function.

To those readers who have been wondering when to expect my next book, and especially to those patient souls awaiting the seventh and final installment to my Lone Wolves of Shay Falls series, I don't have an answer right now. I can, however, tell you that I have a short story nearly complete, and Disarming Cowboys (Lone Wolves 7) is 3/4 finished. I have been working hard to regain the state of mind I need for fiction to flow again, and I'm encouraged to say that today, 50 days into Experimental Positivity, I've already seen changes for the better. I have good days and rough days, but things are leveling off and the insomnia is now only an occasional thing. I'm getting closer to picking up my writing hat.

What am I doing specifically to help regain that author mindset? 

-EMDR therapy
-Tapping (EFT/TFT) therapy
-Positive visualization
-Writing a public blog (one of the reasons for Experimental Positivity was to get back into a daily writing habit, even if just a small one)
-Other creative outlets (painting, drawing, working with clay, anything to feed creativity and keep my right brain active)
-Regular visits to the library and bookstore
-Clearing and redoing my writing zone
-Improving eating habits that slid badly with the depression
-Taking Omega 3 and fish oil supplements to feed the brain beast

Thank you for those who have been supportive during this time. You can follow along with my positivity journey by reading Experimental Positivity, and I will continue to keep posting here as well. This week, I'll have a new recipe for you on Too Yummy Tuesday and I'll also be posting a Throwback Thursday. Onward and upward!

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