Monday, April 27, 2015

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A Writer's Creativity in Other Forms

Readers of this blog are aware that I have been on a forced hiatus from writing due to some personal issues. One of the hardest things about not writing anymore was that I'd lost a much loved outlet for creative energy. Of course, I'd also lost the energy itself, as it flat-lined during times of stress and depression. I desperately missed the act of creating.

As part of my therapy to find my way back to writing, I've recently been exploring other artistic avenues. This is great news, as it means I've not only got creative energy back in stock, but I'm finding ways of expressing it. Currently, my explorations have spanned a variety of mediums in which I have zero mastery, but it has been a greatly satisfying experience nonetheless. I can feel these studies in art buoying my writing muse. Someday, I believe one outlet will feed the other.  

I thought I'd share a few of my creative outbursts. The closest I've come to writing something new is the poem above. I woke up with the poem and painting in my head, and I couldn't shake it until I got it on paper. 

Some more:

Trees done in watered down acrylic
Mother Earth in flight, dry erase marker on whiteboard

"Lonely Tree" , a pencil sketch

A fairy hideaway-done in micro gel pen on a Post-It!

 As the creative side of my brain begins awakening from its long, cold slumber, my excitement builds. I know there's so much more inside of me, and I feel I'm in a good place to discover where it's all hidden. Thanks for listening.


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