Monday, November 8, 2010

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"Best NaNoWriMo Line Written" Contest-Week 2!

This is where you will post entries for Week 2 of my Best NanoWriMo Line contest(Check HERE if you missed the rules)--and at the end of this post I'll be including my personal favorite lines from MY NaNo story, CRYSTAL'S COWBOYS!

First and foremost, it's time to announce the Week 1 WINNERS!! Man, I was amazed by our entries! In total there were over 220 lines entered! I had a tough, tough time narrowing things down to just three winners.

A quick word on what made the final picks "stand out": these were lines that grabbed me by virtue of being random, unique, and able to stand on their own without any explanation--even if they left me wondering "HUH?" They made me laugh, think, or just smile and go, "That's clever."

Enough of all that.... THE WINNERS FOR WEEK 1 ARE:


Roybotica: Now, even though he could win over the French maid easily, he wanted the ninja.


Bridgid: The chair could not be trusted.


Starwild: There was simply no arguing with Royalty, he thought,even when it was only three feet tall.

Congrats! I'll be sending each of you a special award graphic, suitable for sticking on your website, blog, Facebook, or wherever. Our First Place winner STARWILD will also advance to the semi-final round, from which the Grand Prize winner will be decided at the end of NaNoWriMo.

There are lots more chances to win, so keep on posting. Between now and November 14, entries should be made in the comments section of this post. Having trouble? Email your entry to me at: and I will post it for you.

Good luck! Below are my favorite lines for this week's progress on CRYSTAL'S COWBOYS:

11/8: (1100 today/35576 total) Telling a guy that he acts gay toward another man, unless perhaps the guy happens to be out of the closet, wasn’t the best way to improve a day that began with a discussion of her nightmares and was followed by watching a perfectly good breakfast grow cold and soggy beside her.

11/9: (2155 today/ 37731 total) "I just know I’m royally, thoroughly fucked if this is so ragin’ obvious that a woman I just met a week ago—and who spent part of that time unconscious or in a delirium—already figured out what I’ve been doing my damnedest to keep secret."

11/10: Took a break from writing today to get edits back to my publisher--gasp!

11/11: (628 today/38359 total) Cowboys frown on brandin’ another man’s cattle as much as they take offense at another cowboy makin’ time with their girl.

11/12: (3791 today/42150 total) "Wanna open your eyes for me, pal--I need to make sure they’re still in their sockets.”

11/13: (1850 today/44000 total) "I thought we were supposed to be doing some sort of memory exercise on my amnesia, not treating me to a spa day.”


  1. OMW These are great lines! And you are really smoking with your word count! GO YOU!!!

  2. LOL Thanks so much!! Gotta get this western out of the BARN! ;)


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