Friday, October 7, 2016

# Freebie Friday # Post

Halloween Short! Freebie Friday

Welcome to Freebie Friday! On select Fridays, I offer something free, generally a book. (But not necessarily.) The books will either be one of mine or some other erotic romance that is free at the time of my post.

Last time, I mentioned I was checking out Instafreebie as a way to deliver content to readers. I really like it! So just in time for October, I'm offering another Instafreebie...this one a steamy Halloween short story!

Here's more about this month's freebie:

The Sex Hex
A witch’s desperate spell on Halloween night will grant a night of incredible erotic pleasure for the man caught in her web—but it might also kill him in the process. An erotic romance short story featuring a naughty witch, a steamy spell, and an HEA.
Ready for your freebie?  GET FREE HALLOWEEN STORY NOW

And hey, I'll add a shameless plea right here...if you enjoy this freebie, could you please take a moment and drop a review-then tell a friend? 

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