Monday, October 17, 2016

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Now Available: Archipellus: God of Samhain

Book 8 of the Sons of Herne series
October 16, 2016

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How can he ever hope to embrace love...when his very touch brings death?

Archipellus is the god of Samhain, the holiest--and most dangerous--of all the pagan sabbats. On the night of All Souls, the veil between worlds stretches to its thinnest, and Archipellus must use his incubus powers to draw sexual energy and reinforce the barrier, keeping the realms from chaos. The draining is perilous to humans, so the women he chooses as lovers are already near their crossing into the underworld. With their consent, he will aid their journey in a final moment of blissful release. Considering this, he is certainly immune to the wave force of passion unleashed by the meddlesome Fates, whose love spell has consumed each of his sabbat brothers whole. 

Melissa Jacobs walks in to her terminally ill sister's hospital room and is shocked to discover a gorgeous, yet frightening incubus preparing to drain her. She forbids the joining and offers to take the girl's place--on the condition that Archipellus uses some of the power drained in an attempt to heal her sister. The result is a tear in the veil, allowing passage of a truly terrifying creature who steals her only sibling and vanishes into another realm. 

To seal the veil and find Melissa's lost sister, Archipellus must join with his half-angel brother, a warrior friend, and the fiery human lover who refuses to be left behind. When he gives into his desire for Melissa and drains her too far, he must save her at all costs. He will stand at the crossroads between the living and dead to confront the truth about his powers--and the price for using them.

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