Sunday, September 29, 2013

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Jumping From a Moving Car -Snippet Sunday

~~It's Snippet Sunday!~~

On Sundays, I share tidbits of my works in progress as part of Weekend Warrior’s 8-Sentence Sunday. This week's snippet is from my work in progress DISORDERLY COWBOYS, book 6 of my LONE WOLVES OF SHAY FALLS cowboy/werewolf/menage series.

This is probably my last snippet from this title, since I've finished the draft and have moved on to another work in progress. I'm jumping well ahead of the rooftop scene I'd been posting snippets from the past several weeks.

Lana coaxed as much speed as she dared from her engine without risking her worn out brakes on the mountain’s hairpin curves. She and Jayson pulled up at the market in minutes.
She was cruising the lot for parking when Jayson let out a growl.
“Stay in the car,” he said, and without warning, he popped open his door.
“What are you doing?” she asked in alarm, but he hit the ground at a brisk jog before she could even stomp on the brake pedal.

She gaped after him, her eyes searching ahead of his path until she spotted Zane standing stiffly near the cart return. His fists were clenched and his eyes were blazing a too bright yellow for a public venue. And he wasn’t alone.

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  1. Aw crap...there's gonna be a fight. How's it going to turn out?

  2. How perfectly mean of you to leave us like that. Well played! :)

  3. Sounds like trouble brewing for sure! and what an effective place to leave us hanging! Terrific snippet!

  4. Great use of the eights which left me wanting more! Well done, J. Rose.

  5. Oh no, oh no! They're going to fight and in public too...and now this cliff hanger... Great 8!

  6. Oh my, things are about to get crazy! Great snippet.

  7. Starting off anything by jumping from a moving car--even one slowly cruising a parking lot--says he's not going to be too careful about the confrontation that follows. On the plus side, she can always run someone over with her car if she has to! ;)

  8. Nice snippet and it looks like we're getting ready for some action. Thanks for sharing your 8.


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