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Girl's Guide to Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse -Peggy Martinez

As we all know, I showcase other authors and books here at Fiction With a Passion. But today, I interrupt this regularly scheduled blog for a zombie apocalypse. Guest author Peggy Martinez stops by on the Summer of Zombie tour to talk about how gals can prep for success. Take it away, Peggy!

What’s a girl to do during the zombie apocalypse?

by Peggy Martinez

The Zombie Apocalypse has finally occurred. Thousands of drooling, mindless, flesh-eating zombies are walking around, looking for their next meal. Shit has seriously hit the fan and absolute chaos has erupted all over the globe. Masses panicked, the government was overwhelmed and annihilated. And that leaves little ‘ole you all by yourself to face the oncoming horde. What the hell will you do with no one there to save you? You’re female. Weaker physically than a man, and yet … being a woman during the Zombie Apoc might have its advantages.
First, let’s rewind a bit and take a look at one simple thing you could have done before the apocalypse to make your survival statistics rise higher than the average female facing certain death by the undead.

No, not Bring Own Beer.
B.O.B., or Bug Out Bag. In non-prepper terms, a bag filled with essentials to help keep you alive for about 3 days if crap ever does in fact hit the fan. A bug out bag could end up making the difference between life and death in those first few days of the Zombie Apoc. So, why not make sure you have one ready? What woman doesn’t like to buy new bags? Just because this one is a matter of life and death, it doesn’t take away from the fact that a lot of women, according to their nature, are preparers. So, let’s use that love of bags & preparing and get a bag ready to save our lives.

Here are some things you might want to pack in your handy-dandy Bug Out Bag:

·        Small First Aid Kit
·        Knife
·        Water/Water purifying tablets
·        Energy bars/beef jerky
·        Collapsible water bottle.
·        Waterproof Matches. Lighters.
·        Flashlight. A few small candles.
·        Small tent or tarp.
·        Clothes. An outfit or two. A poncho. 
·        Gun & Ammo (Dude. You’re gonna need this!)

So, depending on how serious you take your B.O.B., we can see that having these essentials on hand would definitely raise our chances of survival. Oh! And a quick tip. Don’t leave the bag where it would be impossible to get to in a hurry. Up in the attic buried with fifty Christmas decoration boxes won’t do you any good. ;)

Now that we’ve established our survival those critical first few days, and assuming we are smart enough to get out of hugely populated areas, let’s take a look at the different ways a woman might actually have some advantages during the Zombie Apoc.

First of all, WE MAKE DO. I don’t know how many time I’ve looked in my cabinets and fridge a few days before grocery shopping day and pulled out flour, butter, and milk and made several different types of meals with those minimums. Biscuits. Dumplings. Pancakes. Pot Stickers. You get the point. And no, we may not have butter available during the end of the world, BUT the point is a lot of women can take very little in the name of survival for themselves and their family and make it turn into a LOT.

Secondly, WE JUST DO IT. We get it done. We see something that has to be done and we don’t hesitate, and if it means our survival or the survival of the ones we love, all the easier. Women are some of the most ruthless creatures on the planet when it comes to protecting themselves and their loved ones. The term “Mama Bear” didn’t come out of nowhere.

Thirdly, WE ADAPT. To our surroundings, to our situation, and to any crappy hand we’ve been dealt. Women are fighters and when they believe there is even the tiniest glimpse of hope, they will pull out all stops and fight until the end.

Finally, WE HOPE. Never underestimate this during bleak times. Sometimes the ability to hope, the ability to see whatever miniscule amount of beauty there is left in the world can mean the difference between going to bed ready to fight for another day and going to bed contemplating opting out.

So, if you’re a woman and wondering if you’d have even a chance during a Zombie Apocalypse without a man by your side, chin up! Things are definitely in your favor. (Just don’t forget your B.O.B. and maybe some cardio, some shooting lessons, & of course some nail polish & Twinkies for those really bleak days) If you’re a guy and you’re wondering if a woman would be a good asset to your team and your survival … well, I’m not sure how long you even survived this long thinking such things. ;)

Peggy Martinez

State of Decay
Peggy Martinez
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