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Throwback Thursday With Guy Ogan

It's Throwback Thursday!
My newest feature is Throwback Thursday, where I showcase the very first book or story ever written by some talented authors.  Today I'm happy to have Guy Ogan, author of The Immortal Relations series. He's here to share a throwback to his very first work--and tell us how one man's trash truly became another's treasure.

Throwback Thursday with Guy Ogan

Immortal Relations 1

My first novel, Immortal Relations,  was the result of finding a photograph of my late father while cleaning out his many cabinets of documents dating back to the 1930s. I'd finished the last drawer of final cabinet when I saw an old envelope, yellowed by age with coffee cup stains on it. I picked it up to toss it into one of the 55 gallon drum size industrial strength trash-bags, but when I prepared to launch I heard a click...something inside. If I had just tossed it, I probably never would have written the first novel let alone the series. But, being too inquisitive for my own good I opened it and "THE PHOTOGRAPH" fell out. Looking at it I saw my father when he was in his 20s or early 30s standing in front of a very old building with a huge clock. When I flipped it over I recognized his handwriting, "Prague, Czechoslovakia" and on the bottom of the back was written, in a very feminine hand, "I'll always be waiting here."

Seeing that brought back memories, long forgotten, of my childhood when my mother said things like, "He's over there with that woman!"  But I was far too young to understand and she would never tell me what she was talking about...but seeing the picture I realized that my father had had a tryst while assigned there after WW-II. Unable to sleep that night, I felt compelled to go to the computer and write the story with the picture (page two of "Immortal Relations") as well as a realization that I wanted to travel to Prague to see where it all had occurred (if only in my mind).  Thus the story began!

The story is set primarily in The Czech Republic with added action in England and The Russian Federatio. Gary Logan, my own character, goes to investigate where his own father was sent to help the Czech people, recently liberated from the grasp of the Nazis, to hopefully form a more democratic – republic form of government (some might have called it a “fool’s-errand” since the Soviet Troops were stationed there and most unlikely to allow anything other than a puppet communist government to take over. While there, Gary’s father struck up a close friendship with a young lady who was serving as an interpreter. Love was in the air; however, it wasn’t too long before the American advisors were asked to leave by the newly formed soviet style government. 

Many decades later, having found the photograph, Gary travels to Prague, now freed from communist control, to see where his father worked and loved. There he meets and falls in love with a younger lady who know far more about his father than seems possible and who exhibits supernatural abilities. Gary realizes that he has found “the love of his life” but knows she is something other than a mere human. Unfazed, he rushes in (as-fools-are-want-to-do) and professes his devotion to her. Fortunately, she feels a similar pull toward Gary but knows there are problems consummating their relationship. Gary’s reaction is his statement, “Change Me!” However, there are traditions and procedures to follow in order to grant such a request and these mean meeting the head of the “Residency Coven of Guardian Vampires” (the majority of whom were turned against their will by evil vampires). 
Having had the fortune of been turned rather than drained, these, mostly females, have sworn to fight against evil, be it the out of control type of vampires/human criminals/or evil politicians. Gary is accepted into the group and enthusiastically participates in efforts to destroy evil and protect the young, innocent and weak. There is a good deal of “explicit togetherness” (sex) in which Gary, not the most worldly even in his human-days is humorously asked to perform in ways that shock him. He quickly finds that even the good vampires don’t have the hang-ups about sex humans, including Gary, exhibit.     
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About the Author
I grew up in Arlington, VA and Los Altos, CA, I was commissioned in the USAF in 1968 and served in Colorado, Illinois, Okinawa, Austin, Iceland, Holland, Abilene and California retiring in 1988. I taught college courses in Psychology, Sociology and Counseling after the Air Force. Then, after completing my second graduate degree, went to work for the State of Texas in their prison system, retiring as a Psychologist when my father passed away in order to care for my disabled mother. I have A.A. degree from Foothill J.C., B.S. from TCU, M.A. from Ball State (when they had a European Campus) and an M.Ed. from Hardin-Simons (none in English or Literature as my writings will verify). My passions were running marathons in my younger years (and I had articles published in running magazines), cars and motorcycles, again with many articles published. I still have performance and antique automobiles, but I mostly enjoy reading and writing in the Paranormal-Romance field (with emphasis on action). 


  1. Thanks for sharing your interesting TBT story, Guy!

  2. Thanks for having me on your blog today J.R. and I hope readers will consider looking at the full write ups for each book on Amazon and Kindle. They can also be ordered through Barnes and Nobel.


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