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Week 1-"Best NaNoWriMo Line 2010" Contest!

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NaNoWriMo has officially begun, and for the second time I'm hosting a writing contest in honor of all those who are participating! Enter to win fame and fortune...well, the attention of some and fun little prizes, anyway.


Between November 1 and 30, 2010
, post what you feel is your absolute BEST line written that day as part of your NaNoWriMo word count. For the purpose of this contest, "line" will mean a single sentence. Enter just once during the month, or up to one line every day for a total of thirty chances to win!

At the end of each week I will select my favorite "Best Line" and two runners-up from among that week's eligible entries. Each will receive a little award graphic and will be featured on my blog (and possibly as part of web promotions posted to Yahoo Groups to promote the contest). The #1 line each week will move to the semi-finals, and at the conclusion of NaNoWriMo I will select one as The Best NaNoWriMo Line Written for 2010. The winner will be interviewed on my blog and will receive a special goody bag containing candy treats, bookmarks, other fun stuff, and a $5 Starbucks Gift Card.


1. Enter by using the comments section on each week's official contest post to show my your best line.

2. You may enter up to one "line" (sentence) per day between November 1 and 30, 2010. One line per day/per comment (in other words, don't wait until the end of the week and post 7 comments or 7 "lines" in one comment).

3. If you are having trouble posting to the comments here, there are two other options:

a) Post entries in my official thread in the NaNoWriMo forums (PG-13 or lower content) OR
b) Email your entry to me at: (You must do this if you cannot post comments here and are entering R-rated content or higher.)

4. Winners will be announced as follows:
Week 1: Enter November 1-7; winners announced November 8
Week 2: Enter November 8-14; winners announced November 15
Week 3: Enter November 15-22; winners announced November 23
Week 4: Enter November 23-30; winners announced December 1

Make sure I can contact you in case you win, or check back on "winning" days so you can contact me for your prize.

So 'nuff said! Let's get writing...and get posting those Best Lines here in the comments! Good luck!


J. Rose Allister is the author of more than twenty-five books, primarily romance and erotic romance. A former editor and submissions director, she now works as a mild-mannered hospital secretary by day, naughty writer by night. Connect with her on Twitter or Goodreads. She loves talking to people.

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National Novel Writing Month

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For those who don't know, November is National Novel Writing Month! The challenge: write a novel during the month of November. It doesn't matter one whit if you're a writer or not--this challenge is for everyone who is interested in the creative art of fiction!

From the official NaNoWriMo website:

"NaNoWriMo is a novel-writing program for everyone who has thought fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved.

Because of the limited writing window, the ONLY thing that matters in NaNoWriMo is output. It's all about quantity, not quality. The kamikaze approach forces you to lower your expectations, take risks, and write on the fly."

This will be my fifth year participating, and not only will I be trying to win the challenge but my 7-year-old daughter will be writing a novel as well! If she can do it, so can get out that old writing pad and pen (or snuggle up with your laptop and a cup o' whatever) and start writing! Here's a prompt to get you warmed up:

She had never seen anything as terrifying as the sight before her now.

Who's up for giving this a try? Happy writing!

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Halloweek--Today's Challenge!

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As part of my Halloweek Spooktacular Giveaway, participants are supposed to post thoughts on today's topic. If you stopped by here today and didn't know about the contest, check it out HERE and then post in the comments for a treat and chance to win a little candy/treat bag or one of my releases!

Today's Halloweek Challenge Topic:

Whiich of the following is MOST likely to pique your interest in a hot new read?

1. A sizzling, sexy cover
2. A promo blurb I saw on Facebook or a Yahoo Group
3. A recommendation from a review site
4. Reading a graphic, blistering hot excerpt
5. A romantic excerpt--I'm not much for diving right into the triple-x-rated stuff
6. Seeing other free reads by the same author

Post your answer below--and if it's None of the Above, feel free to fill in your own thoughts. Everyone who responds before Friday, October 29 at 10 am will be contacted with today's treat--a sexy free read by Yours Truly--and will be entered in a BONUS drawing for a candy/treat bag along with an entry in my end-of-week drawing for a choice of one of my releases in PDF.

(Having trouble posting to the comments? Email your thoughts to me at

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Pumpkin Pie Crumb Cake

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On select Tuesdays I'll share delicious recipes inspired by my books!

Today's recipe is indirectly inspired by my new release, BEWITCHING LOVE. This is like a pumpkin pie and crumb cake all rolled into one. It's a great Halloween or Thanksgiving time treat the family will love!


Bottom Layer
1 pkg yellow cake mix, divided
1 egg, beaten
1/2 cup butter, melted

Middle Layer
1 (15 ounce) can pumpkin
3 eggs, beaten
1/2 cup white sugar
1/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 1/2 teaspoons pumpkin pie spice
1 cup raisins-optional
1tbsp flour if using the raisins

Crumb Topping
Reserved 1 cup of cake mix
1/2 cup white sugar
1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice
scant 3 tablespoons butter, softened
handful raisins (optional)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Grease one 9x13 inch pan or two 9" pans.

Bottom layer: Reserve 1 cup cake mix and set aside. Combine remaining cake mix with 1 egg and 1/2 cup melted butter in a bowl; mix well. Pat into prepared pan(s).

Middle Layer: In a large bowl, mix together the pumpkin, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup white sugar, brown sugar, and cinnamon. If using choc chips/raisins, toss with 1 tbsp flour (to help keep bits suspended in the mix, rather than sinking) and then fold into pumpkin mixture. Pour over crust.

Crumb Topping: In a small bowl mix reserved 1 cup cake mix, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/4 tsp pumpkin pie spice, and raisins/chips (if using). Cut in the 3 tablespoons softened butter with a fork until it resembles crumbs. Sprinkle over pumpkin filling. Sprinkle nuts evenly over the top, if using.

Bake in preheated oven for about 45 minutes.


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48 Hours of Halloween Contest!

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D. Renee Bagby's First Chapters blog will be hosting a 48 Hours of Halloween event! Starting October 30, a new Halloween or witch/vampire/were/ghost-themed chapter will be posted to the blog every hour until 48 chapters have been posted. What's more, every chapter you comment on will gain you one entry into their prize giveaway--that's a potential 48 chances to win!

My first chapter of BEWITCHING LOVE will be featured during the event. For more info, visit this link and scroll down to Reader Info. Good luck!

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Available Today from Siren:
Sinful Ella and the Wolf by J. Rose Allister
Categories: Erotic Romance, Fantasy, Historical, Multiple Partners

Why is The Prince of Frey suddenly unable to control the dark secret that could destroy him? When his wolf begins forcing itself to the surface on the full moon and racing off to a nondescript manor in the woods, Prince Jarrod’s most trusted guard believes it is because the wolf is seeking a mate. But Jarrod cannot risk his crown or a woman’s life by claiming one.

Meanwhile, beautiful servant girl Ella is being tutored in the ways of submissive pleasure, pain, and bondage at the manor by a pair of dominating mistresses who entertain wealthy noblemen for a living. Though Ella is not permitted a man's touch, she learns all she can to please the man she will love someday.

Amidst sizzling sexual encounters and royal house arrests, the pair forge a fateful bond that could unite them for eternity—or cost them everything.

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Halloweek Spooktacular is Coming!

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By now you've probably spotted this graphic on the right side of my blog! If you haven't clicked on it already, let me tell you about my cool Halloween week giveaways starting one week from today!


Every day during halloweek (October 25-31), I'll be offering a different treat and/or prize to those who complete the daily challenges that will be posted on my site! Everyone who plays wins a treat plus an entry into a random book giveaway drawing at the end of the week...and there will be a couple of special random drawings midweek as well. Every day you play is another chance to win, so stop by daily throughout the spooktacular!

For full rules and to play the game, visit my special contest page. Good luck!

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Interpreting Dreams

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Those of you who visited my old blog, Writing in My Wildest Dreams, might remember Wild Dreams Wednesday, where people wrote me about their dreams and I posted interpretations. When I mentioned an interesting dream I had on my Facebook yesterday, the comments drove me to post about it here.

Do you ever have dreams that don't feel random, but rather like they hold some sort of self-awareness or secret message? That's how I felt after this one.

In my dream, I found myself on a shore overlooking Staten Island--and, more to the point, the Statue of Liberty. I was awestruck looking at that statue and realizing how close I was to it. Somehow I discovered the Lady's torch had gone out, however, and I had to go to the island and climb the statue to relight it.

Anytime I see water in my dreams, I know this represents my emotions. Fire can have different meanings depending on context. The statue I wasn't so sure about, however, so I went to some sources.

Statues represent someone we admire or have placed great value on--a person we've placed on a mental pedestal, as it were. This person in statue form can also indicate someone we have a lack of communication with, or an inanimate state in a relationship. The Statue of Liberty herself also has specific meaning, denoting a sense of personal freedom and independence. Here, lighting the torch can indicate illumination/enlightenment, or alternately, it can denote the thing we think of when we hear the term "carrying a torch" -- love for someone. In my case, it meant both.

I had recently reached out and reconnected with someone who meant a great deal to me, someone I love very much but lost touch with years ago. This required navigating the emotions surrounding the situation and climbing the pedestal dividing us. Taking this step brought a sense of freedom and standing on the shore of my own emotional barriers looking up at something that seemed too high to climb.

Have you ever had a dream about statues or torches? Maybe your mind was trying to tell you something similar?

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