Thursday, July 30, 2015

Declare a National Write Something Day

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As many of my readers are by now aware, I fell into a writing slump some time back. Two works in progress plus a planned short story series fell by the wayside in the process. In an effort to keep some type of writing habit going while I dealt with the reasons behind this dry period, I started a one-year blog project called Experimental Positivity.  The experiment involves completing little daily challenges, and today's challenge may be of interest to readers and fellow writers who've wondered if I would ever again wield a pen.

Today is the day, ladies and gents. Day 152 is the day I've declared an official blog challenge to myself to recall my muse from extended hiatus and put on the writing hat. I've declared today National Write Something Day, a highly unofficial but incredibly meaningful, shout-it-from-the-rooftops occasion. The manuscript I'll be working on is Bound to Her Master, a fantasy/bondage tale I began some time back. As an additional challenge I'm issuing here on Fiction with a Passion, I've committed myself by signing up for Snippet Sunday to share the results. 

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