Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Book Teaser Trailer: Kiss of the Dragon

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Just a very quick, tantalizing teaser for my upcoming dragon shifter romance, Kiss of the Dragon! Coming March 6.

About Kiss of the Dragon:
Coming March 6 to print and ebook on Amazon

He had no idea what lurked within until he met her...
Firefighter Derek Lockhart is about to break all the rules to save a beautiful woman from a fire...and that's just the start of his new and bizarre behavior. Finding his mate has triggered a power he never knew existed, one he cannot control. Keeping his secret might save his career and stop him from scaring off the woman he can't stay away from, but how long can he hide the massive, fiery dragon lurking within?

Book 1 of a 3-book series...

Seductive, powerful dragons soar high in the skies above a sleepy mountain town...
Dragons are secretive, solitary creatures, so much so that there is no word to indicate a grouping of them. Yet fate will bring three dragon shifters together to defeat a common enemy. There is Derek, whose power has barely been triggered by his mate, Tristan, who has kept his secret from the woman he craves, and Alex, who has given up on love and hides on the mountain where his treasure is hidden. But someone is after the power of dragons, someone desperate enough to do whatever they must...even threaten dragon mates the trio would do anything to protect. 

Monday, February 12, 2018

Cash Envelopes and Cover Reveal

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On one Monday of the month, I gab about what's going on with me, my writing, and life in general.

What's up this month? I'm a little late getting out this update, because I wanted to share my new cover but I needed to send that out to my mailing list people first.

 I've got some book news I'm excited to share. And besides hustling to complete my next book, I've been busy overhauling our finances by going back to basics.

Cash Envelopes

Each year, I like to have writing goals and personal goals. This year's personal mission is a budget makeover. I spent time in January rolling out our new spending plan...using cash envelopes. 

This is something I started doing way back with my first "by myself" apartment. I was a single mom with no clue how to manage a budget. Having envelopes earmarked for each of my expenses saved my bacon then (and several times since). Fast forward to the age of plastic/debit/credit and autopayments, and what am I doing? Putting us back on a cash system. Already, one month on the new plan, plus slashing some expenses, has completely turned things around. (If you're interested in how a cash envelope system works, check out this post.)

Cover Reveal

Drum roll please...

Kiss of the Dragon is in the hands of my awesome ARC team, and the release date is planned for March 6!  

I love this cover, which was done by Oliviaprodesign. And the book was so fun to write! A firefighter throws all his training out the window to rescue a woman using extraordinary means...and that's just the beginning of Derek's new and bizarre behavior. Meeting Claire has unleashed something inside of him that he can't control, and it isn't just passion for the woman he barely met. 

This is the first of three planned books in this series.

Until next time...

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