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Book 2 of the LONE WOLVES OF SHAY FALLS series, a spinoff from the bestseller HER FULL MOON COWBOYS
Siren Publishing Menage Amour
Rated Sextreme
Erotic | BDSM | M/M,M/F,M/M/F|
Double Penetration |Anal Sex |Toys

About the LONE WOLVES series:

They are cowboys torn from their livelihood after a fateful bite changed their destinies forever. When their pack is disbanded by a new alpha, the lone wolves are forced to roam the woods of Shay Falls with no way to return to the ranch life they once knew. Each must find a male pack mate of their own—and a female mate to hold that bond together.


When Talaitha helps capture two werewolves for her Gypsy clan’s traveling sideshow, she must also cage her untamed desire for the naked, erotic shifter cowboys who have declared her to be their mate. She knows that Romani could never mix with creatures of night, even if werewolves hadn’t been responsible for her mother’s untimely death.

Allowing herself to be drawn into Drew and Russell’s seductive struggle for dominance over one another, and their beautiful Gypsy as well, would mean certain retribution from her father, the shifter-hating clan leader who has secrets of his own. So when the werewolves’ plan for escape involves a kidnapping, Talaitha won’t be taken without a fight—and in order to truly claim her, her Western heroes will have to rescue her from the enemy she never knew she had.


Drew gave her a lopsided, but no less dangerous, grin. “What do you say, beauty? Make up for lockin’ us in here by bringin’ your erotic scent closer. Let Russell stroke that silken skin while I make him come.”

Her heart skipped two beats at the fire in his eyes, but she curled her lip. “I would never be part of that. I won’t even watch you do such a sordid thing.”

“Oh, you’ll watch.” Drew let the hand closest to her wander over the curve of Russell’s ass, and something began to hum low in her pelvis. “You won’t be able to help yourself. You’ll stare while your mate gets claimed by his alpha—and wish to God you were on the other side of these bars.”

His hips pulled slowly away from Russell, and both men’s eyes fluttered. From where she was standing she couldn’t see Drew’s cock, but she knew it was rigid, like the one that was red and throbbing beneath Russell. He eased out of Russell’s hole, and a quick thrust shoved his hips back against Russell’s ass. His motions were hard enough for her to see Russell’s balls bouncing beneath him. Russell’s unrelenting gaze finally released her as Drew’s motions appeared to sweep him off to somewhere distant. Somewhere Talaitha could not go.

Drew was right about one thing. Despite the inner voice whispering for her to run away, she couldn’t stop watching. She was mesmerized by the sleek, glistening lines of their male bodies as they rocked in a passion she’d never before witnessed. Drew’s seduction and claiming of Russell thoroughly separated her from them while at the same time drawing her in. She couldn’t decide whether she felt shut out of their bond, or if she was an inexplicable part of it.

Drew’s thrusts grew harder and more desperate as his eyes squeezed shut and sweat trickled down his neck. He was beautiful. There was no doubt about that. So was Russell, his hair hanging long over the face contorted in what might have been misconstrued as pain if she didn’t know better.

“I ache for her,” Russell said in a gruff, throaty tone, challenging her opinion about his discomfort.

Drew shot her a smoldering glance. “Then buck this hot ass against me harder, and I’ll help you do somethin’ about it when I’m finished.”

Talaitha’s fingers dug into her palms as Russell began rocking back on his hands, slapping his rear against Drew’s hips. Drew threw his head back with a groan that pebbled gooseflesh on her arms. With one last thrust, he rammed his cock deep and let out a feral growl. His body shook visibly as he released himself inside Russell, who moaned in response with his eyes squeezed tight. Her feet finally began to shuffle forward, drawn to the call of their animal passion.

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