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A Strange Man Has to WHAT Me?-Six Sentence Sunday

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~~~Warning: Except Contains Adult Language~~~
I've been seeing this feature pop up on other author blogs lately, so I decided to give it a try. On select Sundays I'll be sharing a six-sentence excerpt from one of my works in progress.

From HER FULL MOON COWBOYS (edit: a Siren bestseller that launched a series! BUY LINK)

She gave a nonchalant shrug and laced her fingers together around one knee, the action bending her forward so that her cleavage was visible. She felt the men’s eyes on her. Good, let them look. “You weren’t entirely honest with me last night, Chaz. You failed to mention I’d not only have to get fucked by you, but by a strange man I’d never met—and let him bite me while he’s at it. Those are rather important details.”


J. Rose Allister is the author of more than twenty-five books, primarily romance and erotic romance. A former editor and submissions director, she now works as a mild-mannered hospital secretary by day, naughty writer by night. Connect with her on Twitter or Goodreads. She loves talking to people.

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Book 3 of the Immortal Paradise series
Siren Classic
Rated Sizzling


When an angel glows, sparks will fly!

Seven virgins are brought to a unique island resort to be propositioned by a sexy angel, and hotel employee Kazia is mortified to learn she is one of the potentials--and that her job depends on her cooperation with the VIP's game.

Archangel Andel hopes to create an immortal child before his fertility phase runs out. He has some thoughts about his ideal mate, but also secrets he is afraid to divulge...and no time to waste.

When Kazia is inevitably drawn to Andel’s eroticism, secrets of her own are revealed that could keep him from claiming her. And behind the scenes, supernatural powers are conspiring to prevent the one-time seraphim Andel from perpetuating his blood line. How will they overcome their pasts--and heaven itself--in order to consummate their passion?

Excerpt (Rated R):

She knew what he intended when his head dipped to hers, but she didn’t flinch. She closed her eyes and held her breath to await the brush of his lips, thinking she was prepared for it this time. Everything she knew about kissing was turned upside down, however, when he didn’t merely brush her lips with his own. He claimed them. His mouth was urgent, demanding, and the tingle that shot through her surpassed anything mortal or sane. It was beyond anything possible, at least in a virgin’s limited understanding of romance. His kiss flared through every nerve ending she possessed, and she let out a gasp of surprised delight.

Was this what true passion felt like? Or was such hyper-eroticism possible only with an immortal? She felt herself slipping away, and for the second time in two days, she was ready to drown in the power of his embrace. She wanted to beg for his hands to explore every inch of her body right here, right now, despite her resolve to reject his advances. Despite their display in a public area where she happened to be on duty. Well, where she had been on duty earlier. How long ago had her shift ended? Time seemed to lose all meaning whenever she got near this man. Not that he was a man.

Her eyes flew open to find his skin had grown brighter and his eyes darker. Realization dawned. To test her theory, she ran her hand boldly down his rigid abdomen. She dared to meet his eyes, but they were closed. Nevertheless, the reaction she’d been looking for did not disappoint. His skin waxed bright wherever she touched. When he groaned, his entire body brightened.

It was desire. Angels glowed with sexual desire, something nobody had thought to mention when she’d gotten her promotion and crash course in Immortals 101. It was a response she’d elicited from Andel with every touch, and when he’d been staring at her during the meeting in the lounge. The realization sobered her just as her fingertips grazed the waistband of his slacks. She jerked her hand back as though his skin burned her, which wasn’t far from the truth. The glow seemed to heat his very flesh—and her own.

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Stylish Blogger Award!

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I was so thrilled that awesome fellow Siren author Jillian Chantal nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks a bunch, and right back atcha! Be sure to check her out at:

Here are the rules for this award:

1) Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award. See Above!

2) Share 7 things about yourself.

3) Award recently discovered great bloggers, up to 15.

4) Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!


1. I am a bona fide night owl. Any night when I go to bed before 3 a.m. is rather extraordinary. Last night I went to bed at 8 a.m.!

2. We own over 700 DVDs and if we were smart, we'd stick them in a giant red box and make a fortune off them. ;)

3. I taught childbirth classes for 14 years.

4. It took me almost 10 years from the time I decided I wanted to write fiction to get my first full-length novel published.

5. I got married young--age 16--and didn't actually graduate high school until I was 24 and had 4 kids. I didn't start college until I was 35.

6. I'm a pagan and avid proponent of Feng Shui.

7. We live with a ghost in our house, and I've had interesting encounters on the job (I work evenings in a hospital) One ghost there followed me around for two days.


Stacey Espino – Awesome lady and writes HAWT cowboys and bestselling fiction! Wanna be her when I grow up. LOL. Escape into Romance blog:

Harris Channing- Where Love and Passion Collide blog. She writes sexy erotic fiction!

Lisabet Sarai- I've been acquainted with Lisabet and her SCORCHING erotica since we were both at the same pub some years back. Check out Beyond Romance!

Brenda Pandos- I LOVE her slick blog and drool over the pendants she gives away as part of her TALISMAN series. Gotta see!

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Working the Lode-Guest Karen Mercury on Saturday's Sirens!

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On select Saturdays I host guest authors from fellow publisher Siren-Bookstrand. Today's guest is Karen Mercury, author of Siren Title WORKING THE LODE.
~~Warning: Excerpt contains graphic adult material.~~

Buy Now

Going to California. It’s three thousand miles nearer to hell.

Mountain man Cormack Bowmaker meets up with Zelnora Sparks on the eve of California’s great rush—the discovery of gold. Zelnora is fleeing from her mentor, the mighty businessman Brannagh. They are being shadowed by the most scandalous Spanish bandit in the frontier. Joaquin Valenzuela wants to rob them of their gold, but soon discovers a desire for much more. Californians call for the pickled head of Valenzuela in a jar, but his passion for the two Americans overpowers his zeal for mayhem.

They band together in their quest for riches, love, and the good life. Bowmaker is a sharpshooter, his aim true. Valenzuela will slit the throat of anyone who wanders by. Zelnora knows where to find the gold. And Brannagh will do everything it takes to stop them.

They are about to discover the frontier—within themselves.


Zelnora reached behind her and scrabbled his buckskin shirt up to his shoulders, letting the silvery moonlight radiate from his pale skin. As much as he wanted the bandit to admire his athletic flank and the fat trunk of his penis, when he teased Zelnora’s engorged clitoris with his fingertips, she urged him to mount her. He slid into her hot succulent pussy, embedding himself to the hilt as he realized he also wanted Valenzuela to admire Zelnora—how nimbly she arched her back like a cat on a fencepost, standing on the tips of her toes to admit his large tool.

Tossing his shirt to the dried grass at their feet, Cormack jounced her on his cock then set to long lunges of his hips as he rocked her. All the while he fingered the erection of her swollen clitoris—he’d learned the sucking clenches of her climax around his prick were enough to bring him off.

“Slow,” he gasped, yanking her off the tree and clasping her shoulders to his bare chest.
She laughed, a low, salacious bubbling that came from deep in her chest. “I’m expected to slow down…when I’m speared on your magnificent penis?”

Cormack did not see the humor in the moment. “And you’re being watched by a base, murderous ruffian?” He had slowed his thrusts till he was barely moving, his cock twitching inside of her.

Zelnora smiled like a snake, the corners of her mouth turning up. “I don’t mind. I’m sure he’s admiring your colossal testicles pounding against my ass.”

Cormack’s face became hot with shame, but his cock jumped even more eagerly at the thought Valenzuela had his sights on his glutted balls. “Colossal? I’m not built that big.”

“Larger than that Spanish debauchee.”

“What makes you think that?” he whispered against her neck.

“When you came out of my tent, after he asked you to doctor his daughter.”

“Yes.” The mere memory had him gliding into her again. That ardent, sensual kiss between the two men had been more than a genteel show of gratitude. Cormack knew there were some odd countries where men kissed to show platonic love. In the mountains he’d seen men, presumably Europeans, do it. To get his mind off Valenzuela’s supple mouth, he had been telling himself the desperado was from one of those countries. But the way he licked and sucked Cormack’s tongue went beyond a simple thanks. Cormack wished he had not shoved the Spaniard away so swiftly. It had just been a natural reaction, and it was unseemly to show affection to another when Zelnora was not present—as though he were stealing something he owed to her.

“His serape was fallen to one shoulder, and his erection stuck out like a lodge pole. Not as big as yours.”

Cormack almost protested, but this time he did hear the enormous Californio spurs jangling as Valenzuela approached him from behind. He felt the heat emanating from Valenzuela’s shirtfront as he pressed gently against Cormack’s hunched back.

“Not as big, my dear?” he chided in an uncharacteristic manner. He happily bantered, not the dead-serious assassin about to count a coup on them like so many buffalo. His fingertips played a glissando down Cormack’s back muscles, causing gooseflesh to stand out on his arms and stiffening his nipples. “Perhaps you’re right, my gorgeous gold-finder. This pelirrojo one is hung like a prize bull.” He walked his fingers round under Cormack’s arm to pinch his taut nipples into painfully thrilled points.
Fact, Cormack felt the ridge of Valenzuela’s cock pressed against his bare ass. Ho, boy, was he going to attempt to fuck him, squashing him like an arrow between two hump ribs? Cormack could never allow himself to be demeaned in such a way, in front of Zelnora.

This child’s no traveler, Cormack thought. I am a trapper, a mountain man. I’ve seen a petrified forest, as sure as my rifle’s got hindsights.Here’s damp powder and no fire to dry it.

Reaching one limber arm up to caress the back of Cormack’s neck, Zelnora purred. “Toro pelirrojo, you’re right about that, Joaquin. At first I was afraid I couldn’t take him, his penis was so magnificent and—”

“—colossal,” Cormack reminded her, as Valenzuela dropped to his knees behind him, and Cormack felt the heat of his face brushing his backside. Just the snort of Valenzuela’s breath against his tight full balls was enough to send a rush of semen halfway up his cock, and he plunged into his sweetheart again. She grunted with gusto, arching her back even more energetically, and when Valenzuela tenderly bit the globe of his ass and sprinkled several more nibbles, Cormack had to still himself, gasping for air against Zelnora’s shoulder.

“Wait, wait…” Zelnora now exhorted.

Funny she should be the one to still him.

So Cormack eased his prick out of the woman about halfway and stood poised, his leg muscles trembling with anticipation.


He felt as much as heard Joaquin utter this satisfied sound of appreciation. And then he was lapping, the tip of his tongue flickering like a butterfly against the hairs of Cormack’s erupting balls.

Such a tender, dainty little mouth! Cormack heard ox-like grunts coming from somewhere in the redwood bower. Zelnora certainly could cut loose a spree! What a rambunctious, rollicking woman! She—ho, boy, it was he who sounded like rutting cattle, he who shivered the ground beneath his feet with his orgasmic trembling!
The Spaniard accelerated his lapping, opening his hot mouth to nip and slurp at Cormack’s balls. Cormack arched his back to allow better access, and the greedy smacking sounded loudly in the enclosed redwood glen. The reverberation of Joaquin’s groans shivered through his balls and up the underside of his distended prick.
He shot center into Zelnora’s scalding, tight pussy.

Not until much later did he realize that his butt was pressed into the face of a wicked Spanish bandit, and when he eventually withdrew from Zel’s flaming pussy, from behind Joaquin lathed his prick clean of jism, smacking his lips pruriently. He squiggled his nimble fingers up and down the length of Cormack’s prick, milking the last drops, fervently supping his seed. Cormack wrapped his fingers around Joaquin’s skull, cradling him to his crotch as he shuddered into the blistering, talented mouth.


Visit Karen Mercury on the web at:

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4 1/2 Teacups for HOLIDAYS BITE!

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Check out the nice write up over at Happily Ever After Reviews today for HOLIDAYS BITE!

Some quick highlights:

"Allister’s sense of humor comes out in her characters, her premise, and her writing style. She takes the full opportunity to look at the dichotomy of what being a vampire means, not just literally, but spiritually...HOLIDAYS BITE Bite is more than just a Christmas tale...This is a story that can be read multiple times because it has so many rich layers to be discovered." --READ FULL REVIEW HERE

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Jillian Chantal Interview-Saturday's Sirens!

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On select Saturdays I host guest authors from fellow publisher Siren-Bookstrand. Today I'll be interviewing Jillian Chantal, author of Siren Title SOLO HONEYMOON (available here).

JRA: Hi, Jillian! I'm excited to have you here. The premise of SOLO HONEYMOON intrigued me to no end. What was the inspiration for this “groomless bride” story?

JC: It's hard to say how Emma came about. I usually get the hero in my head first. The hero in this story, Dario, was inspired by my friend who is a ballroom dancer. Her partner/instructor is Italian. He's not handsome but he's quite a dancer. I watched them and he inspired me to write about Dario. I can tell you that Emma started out as Tess and since I don't plot out my stories, she was very hard to write. UNTIL I changed her name – then she decided since she now had the right name, she'd come out of my head easier. This was the second time this has happened to me in relation to my female character. The right name is so important.

JRA: That's very true! During the story of SOLO HONEYMOON, Emma’s best friend also finds some Italian romance that we don’t get to see much of. Might there be any follow-up tales in this setting?

JC: It's possible. I guess you caught that! I put in a teaser about that very thing. Gwen was fun to write. She's pretty sassy and I liked her.

JRA: I'll be keeping an eye out for that! When you aren’t wearing your writer’s hat you’re a practicing lawyer. Can you tell me a little bit about how a romance writing career developed out of a legal practice?

JC: Interesting question. The practice of law is very high stress and being a type A personality, it sometimes is hard for me to let things go. I tend to fret. I needed an outlet; something to keep my mind engaged when I wasn't at work and that would put work out of my head. So, I started to write fiction. I also have a non-fiction Bankruptcy Manual I wrote that is in the 6th edition. It was quite dull and no hunky men in it at all, so the fiction is much more fun! And it helps keep me grounded.

JRA: LOL!! Imagine a manual with hunky men in it! ;) Your current release is set around the music and fashion industries, and your next has a “surfer” theme. Do you ever consider writing romance tales in a legal setting? Why or why not?

JC: I actually have one with the heroine that's a lawyer. It's called Code Name: Galahad's Daughter. I was sending it to agents and editors in New York but I just got the last rejection I was expecting and I now plan to stick to e-publishing, so you may see it soon with a home. I'm deciding whether to cut the new beginning I added for a NY publisher that said it was too short at 72,000 words. Now that I have it to 88,000 words, they said the pacing was too slow. So, I decided NY was not the place for this book. I prefer the shorter version myself and will be sending it out soon.

JRA: Interesting point--we do need to follow our instincts with our books! Will watch for that one. Meanwhile how do you organize writing time for all your stories?

JC: I normally write on the weekends. I write some evenings when I'm in the middle of a good scene. I have an Alpha Writer that I take to lunch when I can. It keeps me from surfing the internet since it's basically a word processor. I jot notes in the car. I travel to Tallahassee (3 hours each way) once a month for court and I jot notes as I drive. I make a soundtrack for each of my books and I immerse myself in the songs that I choose for that novel. This helps me come up with scenes. When I get back from my long drive, I usually have the nucleus of a couple of scenes jotted. Those six hours in the car help me a lot.

JRA: Smart tip...the Internet can be a definite word count killer! What type of scenes/dialogue are most difficult for you to write? The most fun?

JC: I'm really not that great at descriptions of the scenery/settings. I have to go back and tweak that all the time. I'm not really fond of describing the couch, bedroom, walls, etc. I know what I see in my head, but I hate putting it down.

The most fun is the dialogue. I adore dialogue.

JRA: Gotta love a good verbal banter! What are you working on now?

JC: I just finished the first draft of a novel I'm calling OBSESSION for now. I want to change the name but nothing spectacular has come to me yet. I'm starting the edits on it as soon as I finish the edits on my historical novel that comes out in July. It's called Redemption for the Devil.

OBSESSION is a romantic suspense that features a former Green Beret that's an amputee. He's become a painter of nudes and the daughter of an Earl pursues him-to paint her portrait. It's a bi-racial story set in London. There's a very evil villain in this one that made my head hurt to write. That person's head was not a nice place to be, but my beta reader loved it.

Thanks for letting me pop in today. I appreciate it and would like to give away a copy of SOLO HONEYMOON to one commenter. Just leave me a comment about where you'd like to spend some time with your true love and I'll let choose a winner.

JC: That's great! Thanks for being here today. I encourage everyone to visit Jillian on the net at Meanwhile, good luck to our readers on the contest. Post a comment for a chance to win!

About the host:


J. Rose Allister is the author of more than twenty-five books, primarily romance and erotic romance. A former editor and submissions director, she now works as a mild-mannered hospital secretary by day, naughty writer by night. Connect with her on Twitter or Goodreads. She loves talking to people.

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Just in time to heat up your long winter nights...

TROPICAL HEAT by J. Rose Allister
Book 2 of the IMMORTAL PARADISE series
Siren Allure, rated Sizzling

Jessamine could care less about the paranormally-enhanced eroticism all around her at the island hotel where she works, until sexy P.I. Steve Detroit shows up with smoldering emerald eyes and awakens a need she has long tried to forget.
Steve soon discovers Jessamine holds the key to his mission there, but inadvertently stumbles on the island’s most well-guarded secrets—knowledge that threatens to separate them permanently.

Excerpt (Rated R):

Two steps out the door, she’d stopped short. Steve stood in the hallway, looking torn between ducking into the bar where she was going or heading up the hall toward the Guest Lounge. The first time they’d met, she’d wondered what he would look like without his shirt on. Heaven save her, now she knew. The man had obviously seen the inside of a gym. Years’ worth of them, she’d wager. His back was broad and muscled, with wide shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist and an ass she’d love to squeeze. If she’d completely lost her mind and was stupid enough to get involved with a guest, that is.

She blinked away the thought and wondered what he was doing up here. The night he’d made his play for a table—not to mention her—she’d never have pegged him for an Upper Levels guest. He came off as strictly second floor, maybe third. Then again, perhaps that was why he’d succeeded in getting VIP treatment from her boss. Maybe he was someone important, someone she should have been more accommodating to.


He flew around to face her with a guilty expression. Without thinking, she crossed her arms over her exposed breasts. Not that it should matter what he saw, of course. She wasn’t embarrassed about nudity. He stared at her without a reply, blinking in confusion as though she were speaking in a foreign tongue.

She arched a brow at him. “What are you doing here?”

His eyes flicked back and forth in an odd sort of dance, and she got the impression he was looking for someone. Someone who did not have Jessamine on their name tag, obviously, as he continued to ignore her.

The response that finally came was the last one she’d expected. When his fiery green eyes finally seemed to register the fact that she’d been speaking to him, he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to a supply closet beside the bar. Had the man lost his mind?

She gasped. “What the hell are you doing?”

Her heart pounded, but she couldn’t believe the maniac-slash-VIP truly meant her any harm. She tried once more for levity. “What’s the matter, can’t find your room? I’ll bet you a month’s salary this isn’t it.”

Pulling the door open with a grunt, he shoved her into the darkened room and closed the door. With a tug and a profanity, not necessarily in that order, she freed her arm and tried to glare Steve down in the darkness. She blinked hard against inky black, not to mention the shock of finding herself half-naked in a closet with a man who was equally half-naked.

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