Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Just in time to heat up your long winter nights...

TROPICAL HEAT by J. Rose Allister
Book 2 of the IMMORTAL PARADISE series
Siren Allure, rated Sizzling

Jessamine could care less about the paranormally-enhanced eroticism all around her at the island hotel where she works, until sexy P.I. Steve Detroit shows up with smoldering emerald eyes and awakens a need she has long tried to forget.
Steve soon discovers Jessamine holds the key to his mission there, but inadvertently stumbles on the island’s most well-guarded secrets—knowledge that threatens to separate them permanently.

Excerpt (Rated R):

Two steps out the door, she’d stopped short. Steve stood in the hallway, looking torn between ducking into the bar where she was going or heading up the hall toward the Guest Lounge. The first time they’d met, she’d wondered what he would look like without his shirt on. Heaven save her, now she knew. The man had obviously seen the inside of a gym. Years’ worth of them, she’d wager. His back was broad and muscled, with wide shoulders tapering down to a narrow waist and an ass she’d love to squeeze. If she’d completely lost her mind and was stupid enough to get involved with a guest, that is.

She blinked away the thought and wondered what he was doing up here. The night he’d made his play for a table—not to mention her—she’d never have pegged him for an Upper Levels guest. He came off as strictly second floor, maybe third. Then again, perhaps that was why he’d succeeded in getting VIP treatment from her boss. Maybe he was someone important, someone she should have been more accommodating to.


He flew around to face her with a guilty expression. Without thinking, she crossed her arms over her exposed breasts. Not that it should matter what he saw, of course. She wasn’t embarrassed about nudity. He stared at her without a reply, blinking in confusion as though she were speaking in a foreign tongue.

She arched a brow at him. “What are you doing here?”

His eyes flicked back and forth in an odd sort of dance, and she got the impression he was looking for someone. Someone who did not have Jessamine on their name tag, obviously, as he continued to ignore her.

The response that finally came was the last one she’d expected. When his fiery green eyes finally seemed to register the fact that she’d been speaking to him, he grabbed her by the arm and dragged her to a supply closet beside the bar. Had the man lost his mind?

She gasped. “What the hell are you doing?”

Her heart pounded, but she couldn’t believe the maniac-slash-VIP truly meant her any harm. She tried once more for levity. “What’s the matter, can’t find your room? I’ll bet you a month’s salary this isn’t it.”

Pulling the door open with a grunt, he shoved her into the darkened room and closed the door. With a tug and a profanity, not necessarily in that order, she freed her arm and tried to glare Steve down in the darkness. She blinked hard against inky black, not to mention the shock of finding herself half-naked in a closet with a man who was equally half-naked.

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