Monday, September 11, 2017

"Fall" vs Autumn, a Preorder, and Box Set News

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On the first Monday of the month, I gab about what's going on with me, my writing, and life in general.

Fall is here! It's funny, but I sort of consider this change in season as the start of my writer year. I tend to start looking at my schedule and planning upcoming book projects. And after my recent annual reader survey, I've got a brand new book in development that I'm really excited about. Stay tuned!

"Fall" vs Autumn

In the last update, I wrote about the ups and downs during writing retreat vacation. Well, the ups and downs continued...literally. I fell and landed on my knee at work, so the rest of my summer has been spent on restricted activity and hobbling around with a splint and cane. Just had an MRI the other day, and I'm crossing my fingers that the results don't turn up anything exciting. 

That said, the word "fall" is a rather touchy one for me at the moment, so I've decided to officially refer to the new season as "autumn." Heh. But on the plus side, my "work restrictions" haven't interfered with writing, so I've got a lot on deck. And yeah, autumn means pumpkin everything, and hopefully the local temperatures will stop topping the triple-digit mark.

a Preorder

My "alter ego," Janell Michaels, is kicking off autumn by releasing a book about spring! Why not, right? My Janell Michaels titles are primarily contemporary and are a tad sweeter and more mainstream. But they are still packed with heartthrob heroes and plenty of romance!

*Preorder ebook for 99 cents (limited time launch price)
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*Also available in paperback
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About Once Every Spring:

Together in a land all their own...until reality pulls them back to separate worlds.

Dana's about to write off her birthday when she finds herself in a world she can't believe is real. She meets Adam, a man she apparently dreamed up as her guide to an unsettlingly real hallucination. Or is it?

Alone together in paradise, she can't stop herself from falling for the man she believes exists only in her imagination. Unless, of course, he's somehow real. But perfect as Adam seems, he's keeping secrets from her...secrets about his life on the other side.

As the day they must part draws near, she can't convince him to talk about the real world. When reality pulls them back, she must either work to discover the truth or resign herself to seeing the man she loves...only once every spring.

Box Set News!

For you Sons of Herne/urban fantasy fans, I'm excited to announce that I'll be releasing the box set of Sons of Herne! The Sons of Herne Collection will include all eight books PLUS a bonus ninth book never previously released. In addition, there's some added bonus content: playlists featuring inspirational music I used to create the series, as well as background ambiance to listen to while reading the books. The box set is due to release on October 1, and it will be launched at a super 99 cent discount!

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