Monday, May 14, 2018

Gotta Move, Writer vs Juggler

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On one Monday of the month, I gab about what's going on with me, my writing, and life in general.

Figured it was high time to post an update. Sometimes there's nothing going worth talking about, while others there's so much that I can't find the time. That's pretty much the deal right now.

Gotta Move

At my last update, I mentioned some financial goals and how I'd been tackling them. What I didn't say was that we've been  looking for a house. That's right, we're ready to leave apartment life behind! After some turned-down offers and interesting adventures (like unplanned off-roading while house hunting), we are officially in escrow. Cue confetti toss!

For the past few months, literally every spare moment has been spent on the house dream, but I was so afraid of jinxing things that I wasn't even talking about it. At this point, while there are still more hoops to jump, we're far enough into escrow that I'm daring to hope this might actually happen. Cross your fingers! 

Writer vs Juggler

Juggling my normal routine is a carefully honed act, and tossing even one more ball in the air can throw it off. So Life Stuff like the above can definitely alter my production schedule. I'm anxious to get working on the second in the Kiss of the Dragon series, but it will have to wait a short spell. First, I'm finishing up a Janell Michaels book, Always the Bride. And yep, that whole moving thing.  And there's something else I'm excited to mention too. I had rights returned to me on an older title that I'm looking forward to polishing up and re-issuing in the coming months. Which one? To Be Announced...

Until next time...

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