Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sugar-Frosted Grapes

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It's Too Yummy Tuesday!
On select Tuesdays I'll share delicious recipes either inspired by my books or that are just plain delicious!

Today's recipe is inspired by my current work-in-progress, BOUND TO HER MASTER. A woman accidentally transports herself to a realm of sexy demigods who have some specific and rather shocking uses for an unclaimed human female. As this tale was inspired by the setting in IMMORTAL MENAGE, one of the foods highly featured in that story will be seen again here--and it's definitely a snack fit for the gods. So I give you:


Absolutely delicious, and a decadent dessert that is great to serve guests--whether or not they happen to be immortal! I've adapted this recipe after searching out several versions on Google. This one most closely resembles one found on Yahoo Voices. I like to make these out of grapes that aren't quite sweet enough to snack on plain, so these tend to get made on the spur when we discover our latest grape purchase is on the sour side. The tang of those grapes against the sweet, sugary coating is tres magnifique!


Approximately 1 lb of seedless grapes, washed and dried well. (I like black or red grapes for this, but any will do.) For a special presentation, leave these clumped together right on their stems. I don't do one entire pound on a stem, but separate the stems into several portions. Lovely!
2 egg whites
1/3 cup of granulated sugar

ALTERNATELY, to make these grapes without using raw egg products, substitute 2 tbsp corn syrup and 2 tsp water for the egg whites.

 Pour sugar into a bowl large enough to accommodate the grapes in bunches, if you've decided to do it that way, or individually and then set aside. In another bowl, beat egg whites until foamy (OR mix together corn syrup and water). I will whip out my mixer for this step, but a whisk by hand can do the job fine. Roll or dip the grapes in the egg or corn syrup mixture until coated well. This step is much quicker if you've left bunches on their stems. Just ensure they all get coated. Hold over the bowl just long enough to drip off the excess, then dip into the bowl of sugar until all grapes are frosted well. Place grapes on a wire rack set over a cookie sheet and let dry. I like to do this in the freezer so they are super cold, almost crunchy.

Now for the fun part! Display your bunches of frosted grapes on a nice serving tray and enjoy! (According to my characters, this is best done while lying half-naked on a fur rug--preferably one that's been imported from the Joontang realm.)


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