Saturday, May 4, 2013

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"Fantasy" Waterfall Braid-Stylin' Saturday

 Today's style is in honor of Beltane week...a fun "maiden" sort of hairstyle perfect for Renaissance Faire.

Every since this blog where Bri chopped her hair for Locks of Love, she's been happy with the easy maintenance of the shorter style, but sometimes she misses the versatility of long hair and wants something different. This braid worked on her shorter hair just fine.

This fantasy "waterfall" braid is pretty much a lace braid that starts on one side and winds all the way around the head to the opposite side, except each time extra hair is added to the top strand and braided in, that strand is dropped and left alone. Another piece of hair beside this dropped strand is picked up to replace it. It's not hard to do, but the idea takes a little practice until you get the hang of it. Sometimes I find it actually easier to do on myself than on someone else, although that's probably because I've done this style on me more often.

If you're interested in learning this style, YouTube has several great tutorial videos--my personal favorite is THIS ONE. Hers is just gorgeous! But for the quick five minutes spent on each of us, this was a fast, fun style.

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