Friday, October 23, 2009

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Out Today! Sizzling KATA SUTRA

Rated SCORCHING from Siren-Bookstrand's Menage Amour Line


When Desiree signs up for eight weeks of self-defense classes, the last thing she expects is hands-on, two-on-one training in erotic arts from a pair of muscled and breathtakingly gorgeous karate instructors. But can the passion of this ménage survive the secrets each of them is hiding?


Desiree squeezed his cock and Evan appeared to unhinge. His hands found her breasts just as Mak's lips found hers. With her other hand she sought the gap in Mak's gi top and slid it inside to stroke magnificent bare chest. Senses crashed over her in a tidal wave of lust and shock. She could hardly believe what was happening to her.

Two men. Together. She could have both.

“Mak,” Evan said through gritted teeth a moment later.

The other man froze, and Desiree jerked back from their kiss, her eyes flying to Evan's looking for a scowl and command to send the other man away. Perhaps he wasn't ready to play her game, after all.

Instead, steely gray had darkened to ebony fire that sent a tingle all the way down between her thighs. His gaze flicked to Mak. “Go lock the damned door.”

His number one student leapt up and half ran to do this bidding, lest any lost and needy karate souls stumble onto their triangle. Without missing a beat, Evan pulled Desiree around to lay her half on his lap and cradled her with one arm while the other lavished maddening feather-like strokes over her nipples. His erection was firm beneath her back, and he thrust his pelvis upward with a groan to grind it against her. His mouth finally, gratefully descended over hers, and a wave of pleasure jolted from his lips straight through to her clit. Wet heat spread between her thighs when those lips prodded hers apart, his hot tongue seeking sexual delights he found with practiced ease.

Mak returned with a snort of irritation. “Hey. Still in the room here, you know.”
Still working tortuous circles around her nipples and lips, Evan drew far back enough to speak—barely. “Perhaps I was right about younger men needing more training. Or have you forgotten there's a whole other half to a woman's body?”

Desiree caught Mak's gaze in time to see it light up with wicked possibility, which set the half of her in question pulsing with warm, slick anticipation. His pants throbbed with a heat and bulk of their own, but not for long. Just before Evan claimed her mouth again and robbed her view of proceedings, her Asian god dropped his karate trousers to reveal a thick shaft that promised delight to the end of her bargain he was getting. The thought prompted her to squeeze her thighs tight together on her clit, and she moaned in response to the sharp surge of desire.

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