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Siren Publishing Menage Amour
Rated Sextreme
Erotic | BDSM | M/F,M/F/M, M/M |
Spanking | Double Penetration |Anal Sex |


Lily's plan for a "quiet" weekend escape goes wild when a pack of wolves crash into her cabin. Luckily, a hot, mostly-naked cowboy saves the day--the man who'd triggered her preteen fantasies when her parents rented the same cabin 10 years earlier.

When Chaz reveals the truth about the wolves that are after her--a curse he himself shares--she has to decide whether to shed her hard-kept virginity to let Chaz and his sexy alpha, Kade, claim her as their own.


R Excerpt:

Trying to focus on the sounds of the woods instead of the electric tingles shooting through her did little good. His heavy breaths overshadowed all other sound, save the beating of her desperately racing heart. Even something as routine as his inhalations and exhalations carried an intimate connotation to her ears.

“Damn it,” he said, snapping her out of her idiotically sensual study of his respiratory habits. “They’re gonna follow us.”

“What? How do you know that?”

He flicked a glance her way. “I can hear them.”

She cocked her head and tried to listen. There were still howls and night noises, but nothing close by or obvious. “I can’t tell that.”

“They’re comin’ after us, trust me. But we’re almost there. Hang on.”

As soon as the words were out, they burst out of the endless fringe of trees. She’d never been here before, but knew this must be his ranch. The land here was open and sparse, gleaming pale white in the light of the full moon. Still, he was moving so fast that she couldn’t make out much detail to the front entrance. Suddenly, she was deposited on her feet on a wooden porch that spanned a much longer distance than the one in front of the tiny cabin.

“In here,” he said, pushing his front door open. “Hurry.”

She rushed in ahead of him, through a wide entry foyer and straight ahead until she ducked through an archway and found herself in a living area. Chaz had stopped to lock his door, but she heard him follow fairly close behind her. She was impressed by the hard wood, wrought iron, and leather furnishings with a high-end Southwestern flair, though a little leery of the well-polished shotguns racked above the fireplace mantle.

When she spun around, however, his weapons and decor were long forgotten. Her jaw fell open as Chaz stalked into the living room completely naked. The towel must have come loose during their mad dash for freedom—and shit. She was far from expert on the matter, but what she saw before she gasped and turned away seemed impressively long, and if she wasn’t mistaken, semi-aroused. They didn’t normally point out a spot on the floor several inches ahead of the guy’s toes, did they?

“We have to talk,” he said.

“Now?” She tried to take an interest in the hand-painted Mexican tile floor. “Shouldn’t you put something on first?”

“There isn’t time for that. They’re comin’.”

She heard metallic clicking sounds, and when curiosity won out, she peeked over to see Chaz loading bullets into the chambers of a shiny pistol. He stood behind a desk with a gun box on it, which mercifully hid the parts of him she couldn’t erase erotic mental imagery of.

“Wouldn’t a shotgun be better?” She stole a glance above the fireplace, wondering why she was weighing in when she had no idea what she was talking about.

“I don’t have any silver buckshot.”


He held up one of the tiny cylinders he was loading. “Silver bullets.”

She raised a brow. “As in the Lone Ranger?”

“No, as in werewolves are allergic to silver.”

She blinked. “Excuse me?”

He clicked the pistol’s chamber shut and laid the gun on the table. “You need to know what’s goin’ on, Lily. And you need to decide what you’re gonna do about it right now.”

Chaz came around the table, revealing his massive manhood again. She held up a hand and backed away. “Hold it. Just stay behind something if you won’t get dressed, okay? It’s a bit weird trying to have a conversation with an exhibitionist.”

“This is no time for modesty, even if I were so inclined. Those wolves didn’t break into your cabin by accident. They were comin’ after you.”

X Excerpt:

Chaz held Lily’s eyes in silence while he shed his clothes, and then both men were naked in front of her. Their backs faced the truck headlights as they advanced, blocking much of the light as they urged her backward. A tingle shot straight down her spine when she stood on the middle of the sleeping bag. This was it. Two men were about to ravage her, claiming her together as their own.

She swallowed and let her eyes roam over the silhouettes cloaked in shadow. Their stiff cocks were evident despite the dim light, and cricket song and birds of night joined with the men’s raw, erotic breaths while they pulled her shirt over her head. Chaz leaned in to claim her mouth first, plunging his tongue inside to entwine with hers. Kade dropped to his knees and went straight to work on her breasts, his wet tongue circling her already hard nipples until she moaned in combined relief and frustration.

A matter of hours ago, it would never have occurred to her to wonder what the attentions of two men would feel like. Since discovering her fate, however, those hours of waiting had felt like endless days of torment. Now, finally, she had both of her men’s hands and mouths where they belonged, and the sensations threatened to unhinge her.

She felt fingers tugging on her jeans, and the denim slipped down over her knees. Chaz pulled her down to the sleeping bag with him, and soon she was naked in the woods with two hot males lying beside her. The thick layer of pine needles their blanket lay on was springy and softer than she expected, but that barely registered with her now.

Hands slid down between her wet thighs, which she spread apart gladly. Her soft cry was quickly swallowed by Kade’s lips. Her hand slid into the soft, not shaved side of his hair, pulling him close to deepen the kiss. Chaz sucked one, then the other of her nipples into his mouth, and she arched her back against the waves of pleasure. Multiple fingers slid up and down her wet pussy lips, some dipping inside her hole while more stroked and rolled her clit between them. She bucked her hips as a heavy, exquisite pressure built behind her pubic bone. Her free hand found Kade’s thick cock near her hip, and she marveled at the veined, throbbing velvet texture while she milked it in her fist.

He growled in his throat and pulled back from her lips. “Jesus, you’re so wet.”

“She’s ready, Kade,” Chaz said, his voice strained almost beyond recognition. He thrust his erection against her other hip, sliding hot and thick against her skin.

She groaned. “Hell yes, I’m ready. That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.”

Kade’s eyes glowed yellow in the dark. “God, I want to taste those dripping pussy juices. I want to fuck you so bad I can’t stand it. And shit, I’m gonna have to wait.” He took a deep breath. “I relinquish first—or should I say, fourth—rights to you, Chaz.”

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