Sunday, August 25, 2013

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Lyin' on the Roof -Snippet Sunday

~~It's Snippet Sunday!~~

On Sundays, I share tidbits of my works in progress as part of Weekend Warrior’s 8-Sentence Sunday. This week's snippet is from my work in progress DISORDERLY COWBOYS, book 6 of my LONE WOLVES OF SHAY FALLS cowboy/werewolf/menage series.

Last Sunday, I cruelly left Lana hanging from the roof...

Her head jerked up to see a welcome sight. “Jayson,” she said as a flood of relief washed through her. “Thank God.”
He was standing beneath her, his Stetson pushed way back as she stared up at her predicament. “Why are you lyin’ on the roof?”
She rolled her eyes. “Does it really matter right now?”

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  1. His question made me chuckle. I love those dumb questions. It also works well to relieve tension in a harrowing situation.

  2. It made me laugh too. Men, lol. Great snippet.

  3. Fun! A giggle for my Sunday morning!

  4. Oh that's funny! Reminded me of the kind of question my hubby would ask. :)Love the offset of humor to the situation.

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  5. "Why" isn't the most important thing right now, I agree, but such a guy question. Really an excellent excerpt!

  6. I like this! I can picture him, with his hat pushed back.

  7. LOL- This made me gigle- does it really matter right now- LOL
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  8. Yes really, it doesn't really matter right now, just rescue the poor girl.

  9. A fun eight there.

  10. Guys just have to question everything...don't they? LOL!

  11. Because of course "why" is more important than helping her down. :) Great snippet!


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