Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Last Man to Help Her -Snippet Sunday

~~Today's snippet contains mature themes~~

On Sundays, I share tidbits of my works in progress as part of Weekend Warrior’s 8-Sentence Sunday

My current work in progress is DISARMING COWBOYS, book 7 of my Lone Wolves of Shay Falls series. I'm still finishing up the final chapters post-NaNoWriMo.

Last time, our heroine was tied to a tree in the middle of a werewolf fight, and one of the wolves had turned its eye on her.

The gray wolf lunged for Jayel, who used the ropes binding her wrists to the tree branch to swing out and land a two-booted kick on the animal’s snout. She caught it with enough force to send it sprawling, but it got right back on its feet. The animal was crouched and ready to hurl itself at her again when a white wolf sprang right for it, transforming mid-air into the last man she believed would want to help her.
David landed naked on the creature’s back, rolled with the wolf onto the ground, and rose up again with a forceful grunt and enough impressive muscle to fling the animal into the fire pit. 
Jayel stared in shock as David turned, his eyes glowing as wild and organic as the flames beside him, and sprinted toward her. He stopped short before she could try another panicked kick, but his enticing male scent kept coming until it slammed her square in the stomach.
His naked body pressed close as he tugged at the overhead ropes, and when she twisted frantically to avoid his searing touch he growled, "Hold still. I’m taking you out of here."

So what do you think?

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  1. Wonderful Snippet! Intense and alluring. Well done!

  2. Wonderful Snippet! Intense and alluring. Well done!

  3. Lots of really great tension here, even if imagining a naked man running gives me a giggle fit. I loved the part about his eyes being as wild and organic as the flames. That was some sincerely beautiful imagery, and it lent even more urgency and gravity to the scene. Great eight!

  4. That was really intense. I love how he's trying to help her and she's making things difficult. I'm guessing she'll calm down, I don't think she wants to keep hanging out : )

  5. I think...I can't wait to read this book! Very exciting snippet, I like how tough and resourceful she is but your hero is pretty dreamy too.

  6. I love how she tried to take care of herself, but I'm glad that guy helped her out.

  7. Naked rescue! o.O

    I would find that a little unnerving. She might as well accept the help, she was terribly outnumbered.

  8. Very visual, Rose, and it pulled me right in! Excellent 8!

  9. What do I think? I want more! She's tough but she clearly needed help, even in the form of a naked hero :) Great snippet!


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