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The Normal Reach of Sanity -Snippet Sunday

I'm taking part in Weekend Writing Warrior’s  Snippet Sunday. I'm working on my Sons of Herne novella series (see synopsis below the snippet). 
Last week, I posted a snippet from Book 4, Fire of Beltane. I'll be setting that aside temporarily as I went back to expand and rework Book 2, Awakening of Brighid, which comes out next month.
The snippet: Eradimus, god of Imbolc, is with his father Herne and the Counsel of Sabbats, discussing the fact that his love, Brighid, shows no signs of returning to him in time to undertake the sabbat ritual that will tame the storms blanketing the Earth.

Herne’s nostrils flared. “It is my son’s magic that no longer holds the Earth in sway, but then, nothing is destined to last forever, is it? Especially not a spark of love declared in a moment of young, desperate passion.”
Eradimus’s throat thickened. “It has lasted far longer than you have predicted—and it still endures.”
“Then where is she, this lover you defied a god to pursue, yet who shows no sign of returning in time for the sabbat?”
Fists clenched at Eradimus’s sides. “There would be no need to await her return if you hadn’t doomed us to be parted in the first place.”

“Trust me, one year out of twenty has extended your love far beyond the normal reach of sanity. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

What do you think?  

About The Sons of Herne:

The god Herne has appointed eight of his most virile, headstrong sons as keepers of the pagan holidays. To honor their sabbat, each must join with a mortal female in a ritual to maintain the balance between worlds.
It is the year of The Thousand Seasons, and the Fates have secretly conspired to mark the end of an era by granting the gods one thing they lack--a true union of male and female that will last beyond the passion of a sabbat joining.
Herne’s sons will wrestle with the conflict between sacred duty and their own yearnings, a struggle will not only challenge their beliefs, but may threaten the success of rituals that must be observed lest the mortal and immortal worlds collide in chaos.

Book 1 of the series, Season of Light, is now available on Amazon!

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  1. Now I am left to wonder will she show up in time? Great snippet. I look forward to reading more.

  2. I'm also interested to see if Brighid will appear in time for the sabbat. And what will happen if she does? Great snippet!

    1. What indeed? Will it be in time? Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Wow, Herne's pretty hard core about things, isn't he? I have the feeling the poor woman is in some kind of trouble! Excellent excerpt.

    1. He most definitely is stubborn! Thanks for the feedback. :)

  4. I got a kick out of your snippet this week. There's a lot of humor here

  5. Arguing about love's permanence, eh. Sounds like they're dancing around the book's theme.

    1. An argument with added dimension when immortals are having it, ha. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. That first paragraph is pure poetry, Rose. Excellent dialogue on the permanence of lave--or lack thereof. :-)


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