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Antagonist turned Heroine -10 day challenge day 9

I'm participating in the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge that was created over at Hunting Down Writing.

Day 9: Post either a setting or character profile from your latest fiction project, a chapter summary of your non-fiction book, or a discussion of the theme or object inspiring a poem, article, or other writing project. 

I'm just gearing up for NaNoWriMo, and my project this year will be DISARMING COWBOYS, book 7 and final of my Lone Wolves of Shay Falls series. My basic profiles are rough since I flesh them out with individual character plot arcs. I also do a birth natal chart on characters, and I've included just a little of that here. Here's my character profile on Jayel, the female MC who up until this final book was a recurring antagonist causing all sorts of shenanigans for the wolves.

Jayel Louise Turk: Heroine
(antagonist in books 1-6)

   Age/birthday : 21 
Occupation: None (living on inheritance and odd jobs while busy hunting down the werewolves who killed her parents)
Physical Description: 5’8, fiery red hair, charcoal eyes, athletic, slightly upturned nose, delicate features that contrast with her hardened disposition
Personality: sarcastic, intelligent, highly determined. Desperate. In the past, more humorous and relaxed, and glimmers of that come through more as the book progresses.
Background: Lived with her parents in Shay Falls and was about to leave for college until the werewolf attack that killed them. Her brother was taken and turned by the pack. He was working a nearby ranch but had come home for the weekend for his sister’s going away to college party.
Internal Conflicts: Bitterness/anger about her parents’ deaths and the loss of her brother to werewolves. Vows revenge, which drives most of her actions. Feels guilt that Jayson was taken because had he not been home for her farewell party, he wouldn’t have been there for the attack. Ultimately, she will be challenged to face her two worst case scenarios: becoming a werewolf's mate and becoming a werewolf, period.
External Conflicts: Werewolves are after her because of her vendetta, and they capture her. Worse, two of the wolves at the ranch are interested in her for other reasons: they claim she's their mate. There is much indecision about what the packs want to do with her, and the primary alpha responsible for capturing her has the worst in mind. Plus the wolves who killed her parents return with other plans in mind, plans that could not only mean her end, but cost her brother his life as well.
Sun in Leo

She is masterful, likes authority, aspires towards an ideal. A little too pretentious and always wanting things. She likes to give advice. She is honest, frank, loyal, open and sincere.

Weaknesses: pride, vanity, arrogance, presumption and disdain of others.

Moon in Virgo

She has a very good memory. Scientific or medical studies preferred above all others. She is humble and moderate, calm and reserved. Emotional discipline. She is willing to help, devoted and gentle.

Weaknesses: servile nature, frequent changes of occupation, gets annoyed, upset, worries. She is too shy.

Mercury in Leo

Ambitious, sincere, loyal, friendly and full of good cheer. Great sense of organization. Likes children and leisure time.

Weaknesses: likes to play games too much and can go too far, in spite of herself. Likes to play-act and do about-turns, which surprise and upset those concerned. Likes to take risks in jest and for amusement.

Venus in Leo

Sincere, frank and warm affections. She is full of tenderness. High hopes of love. She likes to live and satisfy her passions to the full. Protects and makes friends with those who can be useful.

Weaknesses: excess in pleasure and amusements. Haughty, boastful, pretentious: she is affected, and seduces for the sake of seducing to prove to herself that she is attractive (this gets worse with age).


J. Rose Allister is the author of more than twenty-five books, primarily romance and erotic romance. A former editor and submissions director, she now works as a mild-mannered hospital secretary by day, naughty writer by night. Connect with her on Twitter or Facebook. She loves talking to people!

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