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Ten Writing Confessions -10 Day Challenge Day 2

I'm participating in the 10 Day Writing Blogger Challenge that was created over at Hunting Down Writing.

Day 2: Make 10 writer-related confessions

1. I don't always write scenes in order.
Most of the time I do, but not always. Generally if I start skipping around, it's to avoid halting a book's progress altogether when I'm really stuck on a particular passage. Rather than digging in and waiting until I can work past that troublesome part, I'll skip it and come back later.
2. I will often stop writing one book to start on another.
Usually there's a good reason for this. Maybe I haven't finished the current work in progress when NaNoWriMo rolls around, and NaNo rules require starting a whole new project. Or I'll see a publisher call for submissions that has a deadline I won't make unless I put aside what I'm working on. 
3. I don't always stick to my writing schedule.
A dark confession to make for someone who blogs about the virtues of the optimal writing schedule, but hey, it wouldn't be a confession otherwise.
4. I'm a two-fisted drinker while I'm writing.
I will almost always have not one, but two beverages at my side while pounding away at a draft: water and either tea or coffee. (Been trying to limit the latter.)
5. I keep a writing goddess statue in my fame area.
Years ago, I crafted a little goddess out of homemade salt dough, fashioning it around a slip of paper upon which I wrote some "sooper sekrit" writing goals for her to keep and oversee. She sits in my feng shui "fame" area. 
6. I'm notoriously easy to distract while writing--and I apparently need to be.
I'll stop to check email, Twitter, my blog, research plot points on Google, answer texts on my phone, etc. when I'm writing. By all rights, I should have zero productivity with such a poor work ethic. Yet when I had no internet for a month and all those distractions were gone, my writing output went to almost zero. Go figure.
7. I don't read my reviews.
I used to set up Google alerts and surf review sites, but I found  it bad for the digestion. I was focusing too much on the few negative remarks rather than on writing my next book. Since I know it's a given that any book, no matter how brilliant, will have its lovers and haters, I decided not to worry about the latter and do my best to please the fans.
8. I get mad at my characters sometimes.
I don't just mean when a character does something that is deliberately irritating in the book. Some characters just  rub me the wrong way, and I have to fight the urge to change what's most interesting about them just to soothe my personal preference. Others will refuse to do what I tell them and insist on having their own way, and darn if their ideas aren't usually better than mine. Know it alls!
9. My muse is a guy.
He's a sexy hunk who smokes cigars (but not inside my house), often wanders around with his shirt off, and leaves without warning on unscheduled vacations and trips to Vegas. He likes to play tough and cracks a mean whip, but he's a hopeless romantic at heart. One Vegas trip included a drunken stop at a wedding chapel, and we won't go into THAT disaster. ;)
10. I don't always believe in the adage "write what you love".
This may well be the most controversial of my confessions, but it's true. Writing is an artistic expression that springs from the soul, true. But it's also a business, a product. Fans want to buy what fans like to read. Sometimes a piece calls out to be written regardless, and I will respond. More often, I like to investigate what readers are currently enjoying and challenge myself to put my own spin on it. That's where the passion, love, and excitement comes in for me--crafting something new and fun I hope readers will enjoy.

Tomorrow I'll be posting Day 3's challenge, a bit about myself. See you then!

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  1. love this. Some of these very habits are mine as well. How is that for a passive sentence??


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