Wednesday, December 2, 2009

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I'm up for Book of the Month!

Color me shocked...Dark Divas reviews emailed me to say that KATA SUTRA is up for their Book of the Month award. Voting goes on all this week. I hope you'll stop by and put your two cents in on the poll!

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About Kata Sutra:

Evan and Makoto are masters of their bodies in the art of karate. Powerful fighters and skilled lovers, they are about to become masters of their student Desiree's body as well.

When Desiree signs up for eight weeks of self-defense classes, the last thing she expects is hands-on, two-on-one training in erotic arts from a pair of muscled and breathtakingly gorgeous karate instructors. But can the passion of this ménage survive the secrets each of them is hiding?

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