Wednesday, December 23, 2009

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Must-Have iPhone apps for Writers!

Yes, I jumped on the bandwagon this year and got an iPhone. I figured it was just a fancy phone-slash-music/media-player, but I was shocked to find that there are tons of applications for those with a passion for reading or writing as well. Here are a half dozen favorites, available from the iTunes store. They also work with the iPod Touch. Best of all, most are free!

Story Tracker
Awesome database app for keeping track of your submissions, markets, monies earned on each title sold, etc. View data like turnaround time on subs, statistics on who has taken or rejected work, genres, and much more. A definite must-have for the serious writer! At $4.99 it's one of the most "costly" apps, but well worth it. Plus, there's a free "lite" version you can get to try it out before you buy.

Saisuke Free (Google Calendar Sync)
Do you use Google Calendar? It's a great tool for organizing all your author events, submission and editing deadlines, book release dates, etc. And iPhone has an app that lets you consult and edit your calendar wherever you go, then sync it with your desktop when you get home. Great for those on-the-fly times when you stop in at a bookseller and set up a book signing, etc.

My favorite eBook reader for the iPhone. Download books, sort by author, titles, genres, etc. And you can even use it to read text files in just about any format on your computer, using the optional desktop transfer application. I use this not only to read downloads from places like Fictionwise or AllRomanceeBooks, but also to look over my own manuscripts as well.

Kindle for iPhone
Yep, no need to buy Amazon's $$$ reader when you've got an iPhone or iPod Touch. The Kindle app is free and allows you to search and download books right from Amazon. While I prefer Stanza for most reading needs, I have this as well in case there's a particular title I can only find on Amazon.

Documents To Go
Stick your latest Work-in-Progress on your iPhone/iPod and edit or work on it while you're out. Sync with the desktop when you get home, and the computer version of your book manuscript will be updated with the changes. While I won't pretend typing is easy as pie on the phone's keyboard, it's a great option when I don't want to use pen and paper, then retype later. You can also create a new document when that idea for your next book strikes.

Awesome Note
This is a great little folder-and-stickynotes-based app that lets you organize your book project--or several. Customizable folders you can put notations inside work great for brainstorming characters, plot arc, timelines, world building, etc.

iPlotWheel Lite
In need of ideas? Writer's block? Or just want a break from the latest plot for some wacky fun? Give this app a spin and over 1,000 combinations of plot motivations.

Do you have any favorite iPhone apps? I'd love to hear about it. Post in the comments!

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