Monday, February 8, 2010

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Valentine's Guest Blog: Angela Daniels

My Valentine's Romance Guest Blog even continues with today's special guest,erotic romance author Angela Daniels!

Psychic Bonds and Tantra

Robin’s tongue darted out, licking her trembling lips. “Gabriel?” She looked around the empty room, and then shook herself. She was being silly. Gabe was miles away by now and she was alone. She walked into the kitchen and was pouring herself a glass of juice when she felt it again. A presence in the room with her. A very familiar presence. Gabriel. But he wasn’t here.

‘But I am. We’re tied together and I’ll never be more than a thought away.’

Gabriel and Robin don’t have just any bond, they have a psychic bond. Oh, how I love those! A metaphysical tie between the hero and heroine is a common aspect in many sci-fi and fantasy erotic romances. Through it they may be able to talk telepathically, feel one another’s emotions, and even give one another physical sensations. That last usually manifests in some strange and sexy way during sex, and let’s face it, metaphysical sex is hot! I’ve always enjoyed reading stories, in which some sort of psychic bond is made between the hero and unsuspecting heroine. I love seeing her fight against the closeness of the bond, only to finally discover that (after the hero has won her heart) that intense intimacy is what she really wants.

In my short vampire tale Chosen, something goes a bit off with the bond. Something not expected by Lukoran or Shauna. Aren’t you curious to know what? Then leave a comment and be entered to win a free copy of the eBook!

It’s too bad we can’t enjoy the benefits of psychic bonds and metaphysical sex in real life, but here’s something close for you to try with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day:

Merging Tantric Breath

The tantra commonly taught and practiced in the West comes from ancient Hindu teachings which have as their goal enlightenment through the union of the divine masculine (Shiva) and divine feminine (Shakti) energies. In Western Tantra partners seek to unite these energies by honoring each other as manifestations of Shiva and Shakti. This is the path with includes sacred sex as a practice. This is a basic Tantric Breath practice designed to foster connection and presence between you and your partner.

1.Create a comfortable, romantic space with candlelit, incense, and plenty of pillows.
2.Bath together taking turns massaging and washing one another.
3.Sit on pillows facing one another, knees touching. You can be on the floor or on a bed. Try not to talk during the exercise. Just be present with one another. And smile! Let your partner see what you are feeling.
4.Place your right hand over your sweetie’s heart (the heart chakra) while they place their right hand over yours. You can place your left hands on top of each other’s right hands.
5.Gently gaze into one another’s left eye.
6.Now breathe together, inhaling and exhaling at the same time. It works best if one person just breathes and the other follows.
7.As you inhale, visualize a current of energy running from your partner’s heart, down their right arm and into your heart. As you exhale, visualize the energy moving from your heart, down your right arm and into their heart.
8.You can also try this exercise in a position called yab yum. The woman sits in her partner’s lap facing him. In this position the heart chakras are touching, so you don’t need to place your hands on one another’s hearts.

Author Bio:
Angela Daniels is an author of sci-fi, fantasy, and erotic romance currently living in the Chicagoland area. A quintessential Gemini, she enjoys new people, new ideas, and new experiences.

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  1. I've always been intrigued by the notion of psychic bonds between people. Chosen sounds great!


  2. Good post, Angela! Feel as though I've learnt something I knew nothing about. Good job!

  3. Thanks for stopping by J.A. and Rachel! If you try the Tantric breathe, let me know how it goes!;)

  4. Angela, wonderful and fascinating blog.
    I've written about those type of psychic bonds in my novels, however, not as you have.
    Loved your snippet.

  5. Thank you, Savanna! And thank you J. Rose for having me as a guest today. I have a randomly selected winner of an ebook copy of CHOSEN: J.A. Sarre! Congrats! Send me your email at

  6. sthis post sounds awesome deff learned some awesome ty for the post

  7. Nice post... I think you just set the stage for my Valentine's Day. ;)

    Of course I want to know, what could possibly go wrong with the psychic connection...? Radio interference, mistaken identity... uncontrollable lust!?


  8. I enjoyed the post and look forward in reading more of your works.

    Tracey D

  9. It's a fascinating subject! Thanks for coming by and sharing this with us, Angela.

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