Sunday, April 28, 2013

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Takin' it Straight- Snippet Sunday

~~Adult language/mature themes~~

It's time for Snippet Sunday! I hope you enjoy today's tidbit. And all those who comment will be entered in my $25 April drawing!

This week's snippet is from my WIP, Book 6 of the LONE WOLVES OF SHAY FALLS series.  This book is as-yet untitled. Vote for your favorite title in my poll (see right column). Thanks!

“You think the only reason we’re bein’ nice to you is because we want to fuck you,” Zane said.

Lana jerked a little at the crude wording, but then again, she was the one who’d asked for straight talk.

“Yes, I suppose that puts it right out there,” she replied, shoving her fists under her armpits.

“You want me to deny Jayson and I hope to see you in our bed?”

He stepped closer--too close--and her heart skipped enough beats to prompt a wave of dizziness. Maybe straight talk had been a stupid idea.

“Yes,” she whispered, unable to meet his eyes while she said it.

“You already sense that we want you. Ain’t no use in me lyin’ about it.”

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  1. Well, he told her, didn't he? LOL. Nicely done 8.

  2. Straight talk, for sure! Nice!

    PS: is there a typo at "Ain’t not use in me lyin’ about it.” Should that be "no" rather than "not?"

  3. Well, she did ask for straight talk.

  4. In their bed doesn't sound exactly like straight talk lol. Fun eight!

  5. Um, don't ask for straight talk if you aren't ready for the answer maybe LOL? Terrific snippet, can't wait for more.

  6. Muahaha, well, she did ask for straight talk, no? LoL, loved this snippet!

  7. Great snippet, J Rose. Looking forward to reading more. Jan x

  8. Seems like she's really put her foot in it, wanting "straight talk." I really want to know what happens next. BTW-you might want to move the sentence "You want me and Jayson to deny..." to its own line. At first I thought Lana was still talking. :) Great 8!

    1. Thanks! I've been having weird issues with how Blogger spaces my posts after I save them. Appreciate the mention.

  9. Hahaha Be careful what you ask for cuz you just might get it. She asked for straight talk and she got it in spades.


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