Monday, July 22, 2013

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Sleeping But Not Gone

Well, I still haven’t managed to secure an internet provider at the new place. This is the longest I’ve gone without internet since, well, pretty much the day I first logged onto AOL back in the 90’s. In fairness, I haven’t been totally off the grid. My phone gives me access to email, Facebook, and some basic search/web capabilities, although the signal in my house is spotty at best. But not being connected via laptop has been unusually weird.

I’ve been on vacation from work, and without the constant allure of the internet to distract me, one might think I’ve been on a roll where writing is concerned. Eh, yeah. About that. I’ve discovered that apparently, distraction is a vital part of my artistic process. So I’ve only written half a chapter since we moved, and nothing in the past week.

While my writer self has been hitting the snooze button repeatedly all week, I haven’t stopped existing entirely. I’ve taken in some art and culture in other forms, including concerts, a theater production of Hairspray, a Chinese dance company, opera and fiddle workshops, and an afternoon at the cinema. I was telling a fellow author friend of mine that sometimes, we have to step back and fill up our literary cups in order to pour forth another flagon of worthwhile fiction. So hopefully, internet dalliances or no, I’ll be ready to rock before my vacation is through.

Do you have any tried and true ways of getting back in step with writing when things are falling flat?

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