Wednesday, November 13, 2013

10 NaNoWriMo Tips You Can Use Now

 Part of a special month-long event featuring writing tips and NaNoWriMo strategies from guest writers and fellow NaNo participants.

10 NaNoWriMo Tips You Can Use Now
by Cassidy Dimock
1. Remember to take care of yourself, this may be a sort of sprint but health comes first.
2. Sleep will help you think which will make your writing better and make you feel accomplished at the end of each day.
3.BACK UP ALL YOUR WRITING. I can't stress that enough, no matter what. You never want to lose any word.
4. Try to keep snacks by you, but not just junk food, try to throw some healthy food in there too, like nuts and berries or other healthy snakes you prefer.
5.always feel good about your writing, even if you don't make the 50K. You are amazing and are a Writer. Keep your head up.
6. Have a writing buddy/someone to talk to, they will help keep you motivated and give you a ear to vent.
7. I know we all have distractions in our lives, but also try to put as much care and attention in your writing as you would the other aspects of your life.
8. Write when you can, on a napkin, notebook, phone, tablet, other electronic device, just get some words down. Every bit helps.
9. There is always a way out of a situation, even if it seems like your Main Character or any character is in trouble. Step back, take a break and breathe. It will come to you.
10. But in the end, always remember to have fun.

About the Author
My name is Cassidy Dimock, I grew up in Lompoc, California but I now reside in Silver City, New Mexico. I have been writing my whole life and one day hope to be published, I am working on my first project which I hope to have finished by the end of this year then begin editing it.
A short blurb about Cassidy's WIP:
Farriston city is ravaged by a string of grizzly murders, the cops had found no clues so far, but when John Terry comes to town and is partnered with Liza Eves, they start to find clues due to John's extreme paranoia and a nack for finding clues and partners everyone else doesn't notice.
Ben Jennings thinks he has the perfect plan, he has left no clues or evidence that he is the person behind the attacks, if anything he has tried to act normal and follow the woman he loves, even if she doesn't know it yet. His plan works well until he catches the eye of John Terry, the one person that could mess with his well laid plan. Thus begins a cat and mouse game that could end with very deadly results.


  1. Sound advice, Cassidy! Thanks for stopping by today.

  2. Nice post, very encouraging. Thanks :-)


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