Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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Writing Tips From Jane Toombs

 Part of a special month-long event featuring writing tips and NaNoWriMo strategies from guest writers and fellow NaNo participants.

Writing Tips From Jane Toombs

Plot is what happens. Action is how it happens.

Conflict results in action and reaction, the two elements that keep a story alive and interesting.
Your main character must be in in conflict with:
    Another character
    His or her inner self.
    A personal or impersonal situation.

Bio: Jane Toombs is now the caretaker for her S.O. who's developed Parkinson's. They live in Michigan's beautiful Upper Peninsula across the road from Lake Superior and both are owned by a calico cat named Kinko.

Jane has, counting novellas, a hundred books out now.  Samhain is re-releasing all her old gothics as ebooks. Tule Witch, the first book she ever wrote is the first and is up at Amazon now.

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  1. Thanks for coming by today, Jane! Conflict is so vital, yet so easy to overlook when we're busy describing a scene or revealing some crucial back story.


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