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Too Much Interest -Snippet Sunday

It's Snippet Sunday, a Weekend Writing Warriors'  blog hop!

I'm alternating snippets between this blog and my mainstream romance pen name. This week I have another snippet from Compromising Connections, a contemporary erotic romance that I asked you guys to help me with last time. It was a previously pubbed work that I was thinking of reviving. Thanks to the great feedback I received, I think I'll go for it!

Quick synopsis: When Gillian receives an erotic striptease video text meant for someone else, she winds up in a sizzling cell phone romance unlike anything she ever dreamed of. Kent stirs things inside her that are too good to be true. Then she gets a company transfer…and Kent turns out to be her new boss.
She wants to show him she’ll take any position he offers, but his one hard, fast rule is no company fraternization—a policy he won’t even bend for her. Lonely nights are destined to return for them both unless there’s a way to steam up the boardroom without jeopardizing their careers.

Setup for the snippet...
(Edited from the original to fit the snippet format)
Last time, Gillian arrived at her new job to hear the boss refused to see her. She burst into his office, took one look...and we finished with this:
When the chair swiveled to face her, the mouth already open to spit out a reply dropped wider. “You?”

Kent sat in the chair, even more awe-inspiring in person than in cell phone images or video chat. His crisp white shirt was rolled to the elbow, and the top buttons were undone. “Please, have a seat,” he said, gesturing to a pair of cream-colored leather armchairs in front of his desk.

She adjusted the oversized purse on her shoulder, but she didn’t move. “Well, this isn’t quite the way I’d envisioned our first in-person meeting.”

His blue eyes slid over every inch of her, and she flushed when she realized she was dressed in the same outfit she’d described to him during their naughty lunchtime phone call—right down to the prim-and-proper bun. Her hand flew to her head to smooth down flyaways, but she dropped it when his eyes followed the movement with too much interest.

“So you were just going to have your secretary toss me out in the street without me even knowing you were here?” she asked.

A flicker of guilt clouded his gaze. “I’m sure you can appreciate why I didn’t think this was the right place for a…confrontation.”

...So what do you think?

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  1. I think his attempt to avoid her was understandable--he may not be certain she was ignorant of who he was and might be there for less than honest reasons. Blackmail, even. Nonetheless, his effort was less than admirable.

  2. oh ... i like what i'm reading. looking forward to more!

  3. Oh ho, I guess they're both surprised. Good snippet, Janell. :)

  4. I think he's going to be regretting his "no fraternization" rule...

  5. She's fiery! Great character-building, Rose!


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