Sunday, April 2, 2017

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Half Panicked, Half Fascinated -Snippet Sunday

Today's snippet contains brief mature content.

It's Snippet Sunday, a Weekend Writing Warriors'  blog hop!

I'm alternating snippets between this blog and my mainstream romance pen name. This week, I've got another snippet from Their Secret Paradise. It's in soft launch and will be officially released soon.

Quick synopsis: Parapsychology graduate Gina Munson finds her uncle's island resort fascinating-but romantically dangerous. The supernatural seduction of the island backfired on her before. Now, her only interest is to study the phenomenon without falling victim to it’s “charms.” Contractor David Gilroy wouldn’t believe in that power even if he knew about it. He cares only about his building job...until he discovers Gina sunbathing topless in a secluded tropical nook. When Gina won’t trust what they’re feeling, how can David convince her his passion is real? What if it isn’t?

The snippet...
(Edited slightly to fit the format)
Last time, David was trying to backpedal after accidentally photographing Gina while she was sunbathing topless. After explaining that he was hired for construction at the resort, he questioned whether the public was allowed to sunbathe topless there in the first place. We ended with: 

“I wasn’t looking for public sunbathing for obvious reasons,” she said, her gaze sliding over to the abandoned swimsuit as though she could will it back onto her body.

Let's move on from there...

David’s smile widened as he took in little details about her. Sun glinted off a thick rumple of strawberry blonde hair. Every limb and angle on her lithe form was sleek, tanned, delectably curved, and beyond edible. Against his better judgment, he took a long stride toward her.
Her eyes goggled, and she shrank back until the lounger pressed against her calves halted her retreat. “Stop or I'll scream.” Yet her voice had lowered to a contradictory whisper as he drew closer, not stopping until he was a foot or so away.
Her half-panicked, half-fascinated stare held his own as he leaned toward her. She jerked and sucked in a loud breath as he reached past her to snap up the bikini top. He held the garment out to her, which she now stared at as though it would bite.
...So what do you think?

Coming soon...

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  1. My feeling is to end it as he hands her swim suit top toward her. That tells the story. Good snippet, my friend. I so love sun bathing w/ a suit.

  2. He has some gentlemanly instincts, it appears LOL. Interesting excerpt!

  3. Hah! That was a great twist- I was as worried as she was for a moment there.

  4. So does he have modesty or seduction on his mind? Or both?

  5. I think the real gentleman-like thing to do would be to turn his back so she could go get the top herself... but this definitely ramps up the tension!

  6. Very descriptive. I wonder how chivalrous he'll be? ;)

  7. I love the unexpected, Rose. I enjoyed your snippet, thank you!

  8. I love the unexpected, Rose. I enjoyed your snippet, thank you!

  9. I would definitely not be comfortable in her situation -- nor would I ever want to be around him again, dressed or not.

  10. Can you say awkward. He's going to have a hard time getting near her now. She's skittish. Great snippet.


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